Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Of Jobs and Kidneys

Hello blogging universe, or whoever it is that read this,
So today I got a call from a job! It's not a job offer yet, just feeling me out. It's for a church secretary position Woodruff. The pastor called me to chat for a minute, then said he'd email me a job description. I reviewed it thoroughly, and prayed, and contacted him back telling him that's what I'd done, and that with God's help, I think I could do this job.

So the ball is back in his court. I really hope I get it. It'd be awesome. A lot of responsibility, but if God sees fit to give this job to me, I'll be relying on Him to help me through. I'm excited, and a little bit trepidatious. But even if I don't get this job it's encouraging to hear back from a job again. About a month ago I heard back from several jobs, which excited me and made me think I'd get one soon. But nothing panned out, and I'd not heard from one since. But now I have, and so even if I don't get this job, at least it's encouraging that I'm not just sending my resumes out into a void.

Tomorrow, my friend Hannah will see the doctor about her baby and her kidneys (read my last post if you don't know what I'm talking about). Hannah and her husband have named her little unborn girl 'Sadie Mae'. Please pray Sadie Mae gets her kidneys. You'll be joining your prayers with hundreds, if not thousands of others.

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