Thursday, September 9, 2010

Things from my brain

So I've been blogging pretty consistently. It's nice.

I'm thinking about grad school in Vancouver. Not like today... or next year... but like sometime in the next ten years, maybe. If God calls me to it.

It's just I found a grad school for the first time I'd actually want to go to... even if it is in Vancouver. And actually, apparently Vancouver is gorgeous. And Ryan likes the Pacific Northwest and big cities. So he'd be happy there too. Cause if I did go, it'd be after I'm married. I mean, I know I'm sort of jumping the gun since I'm not engaged, but I mean, if we're talking like ten years from now, I sure hope I'm married!

Something's wrong with me, physically. But I'm just placing it in God's hands. But I'd appreciate prayer, thank you. Ryan and I aren't getting to talk enough because I am resting.

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