Friday, October 1, 2010

Pray for Lydia

I was on facebook and my best friend Lydia's mother put up the following status message:

We would deeply appreciate your prayers for our daughter, Lydia who is in intensive care in the hospital from an apparent reaction to a steroid medication she was taking for bronchitis. We continue to cling to the Lord.

I didn't talk to Lydia on Monday, like I normally do. I just attributed it to her being busy, and she'd get back to me later. Monday is her free day at the program she's in, sort of like a Bible college, but she also gets a few free minutes a day, and in the past she's contacted me during one of those free times instead of Monday. So I wasn't concerned.

Yesterday, I saw a mutual friend of Lydia and mine put up a prayer request about a 'young friend in California' who was in the hospital. I prayed for the girl, but never imagined it was Lydia.

As soon as I read Lydia's mom status a minute ago, I put it up on my facebook to pray for her, then told my parents, and ran and got my cell phone. It's been dead for over a day... maybe two? It's a pain to charge b/c the charger is breaking and, well, I just didn't really think it was a big deal not to be charged. Most people who call me also know my house phone number, so if it's a big deal they'd call that.

But my Bible Study people tend to call my cell, or rather text.

I immediately posted the prayer request, from my point of view, on facebook. I told my parents, then went and found my cell phone, looking for the texts telling me what was going on. There wasn't one, just one saying not to use Lydia's name on facebook b/c too many people are texting/emailing her. So I went back and deleted my post and put up 'my best friend' instead. Then I messaged Lydia's mom askign for info... when did this happen? That's my biggest question. How IS she? I was kind of panicked and rambled.

I ended up sending a second message (maybe I shouldn't have sent any at all???) apologizing for the panick of the first one, telling them I loved them, etc. That I'd be at Bible Study.

Meanwhile I'm texting Jane who gives me a ride to Bible Study, asking her what's going on. She in turn asks me what I know. Which of course is nothing. She says hopefully we'll learn more at Bible Study tonight.

My heart is racing right now. Lydia is my best friend. Lydia and Tabitha, my two very different best friends. Lydia is my James 5:19-20 "My brothers, if one of you should wander from the truth and someone should bring him back, remember this: Whoever turns a sinner from the error of his way will save him from death and cover over a multitude of sins." She showed me that you could be in LOVE with Jesus, not just love him. She drew me into fellowship, and showed me the beauty of the Body. She's... she's just wonderful and amazing and I love her. I was just thinking earlier today how I want her and Ryan to meet so bad.

Just pray your heart out for her, please. Thank you. And if you know her, please don't try to get in touch with her, too many are trying. Just pray. Thank you.

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