Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Tiny Small Things

I want to leap on a plane and go see Ryan. Right now.

It's not going to happen. For one, I don't have a passport yet. For two, I don't have a visa to enter India yet. For three, I don't have the money for either of those or a plane ticket. For four, I wouldn't have a ride to the airport at this particular minute.

So that won't work.

But I love him. I love him. I love him!

I am considering hopping on a plane and going somewhere else-- San Diego.

I am still unemployed. I can't find a job. But my aunt in San Diego has offered to let me come and move with her. And I'm considering it. The economy isn't much better there though, so I run the risk of becoming a burden on my aunt and uncle, instead of just my parents.

But I am considering it.

Lydia is home! And her birthday is tomorrow! She's okay, but a little... different. Frail. And wiser. I had this air of being in the presence of someone wiser than myself.

I just thank God for all the little weird things going on. Life. I don't understand it. And nothing big is happening currently... but tiny little small things. Tiny small things are important.

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