Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope yours was really good!

My younger sister Alison and her fiance, Brad, came over and the five of us had Thanksgiving. Ali's birthday was Tuesday, so we celebrated her birthday. I made her a scarf and Mom and Dad got her a Kinect. We played it while Mom made most of the meal. Alison had made a dessert at home and brought it, and I made the mashed potatoes. Everything else was Mom.

We had
turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes (that I made), sweet potatoes (that Mom grew!), green beans, corn, creamed corn, cranberry sauce, stuffing, rolls (that Mom made from scratch), pumpkin pie, seven layer bars, and pineapple upside down cake... yum! Well, okay, I don't eat cranberry sauce or creamed corn but the rest was yum.

Ali and Brad went to his family's house about an hour after dinner (they live in Boiling Springs) and are spending the night there. They and the extended clan (they had over thirty people for Thanksgiving there) are going to pick and chop down a Christmas tree tomorrow. Then Saturday we're all going to see Harry Potter 7.1. Then Ali, Brad, and I will head to Florence, where Ali lives. Brad and his roommate, whose family is in Florence, drove up there together, so he'll reunite with his roommate and they'll go back to Tallahassee, where Brad lives. Brad and Ali are both students. Brad is a grad student and Ali is in undergrad.

Once in Florence, I'll be staying with Alison for a week. It should be a lot of fun. For one, she has high speed internet! I'm also going to see a planetarium show, attend a Christmas party, and go wedding dress shopping for one of Ali's friends. Alison is engaged too, but we actually already found her dress. We didn't think we'd find anything she could afford, but for fun Mom, Ali, and I went to a bridal salon the week after Brad finally popped the question... and Alison actually found one she loves, like absolutely adores, in her price range. It was awesome. She's not bought it yet though, since they don't have a date but for sure aren't getting married for over a year, and possibly like three (depending on where Ali gets into grad school).

Happy Thanksgiving! I love you!

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