Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Novel November

So hello. It's a new month and the election is over. As an independent I'd like to think the Republicans gaining control of the house would foster cooperation between the two sides and be a reason for people to listen and learn from each other. But I know that's not how it's likely to work out. Instead each side will be adamant about mutilating everything the other sides tries to accomplish for good, making it useless or often, for the people's bad, and call it victory. Blessedly, real victory lies in Christ alone! He is my King, above the American government, though of course I also submit to the government. "Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.” -Romans 13:1

I'm learning how to play guitar. I am determined. I actually have wanted to play guitar since I was in middle school. My parents gave me a guitar around then, but told me I had to teach myself to play. I couldn't even tune it. I just had a CD to play to match the note up and I couldn't do it. I tried and tried. So that's pretty much all I did. Pathetic.

So in college I tried again. I had a friend give me some pointers, but she was busy. And again, I tried to tune it by listening to something, but couldn't.

So for my new year's resolution 2009, I said I was going to learn to play the guitar by the end of the year or I'd give it away. I went out and bought an electric tuner (Praise the Lord! I love it!) and some new pics, and a book and DVD and determined, sat down to do it...

I tuned the sixth string... the fifth...fourth..third..second... and when I got the first... the peg broke! You know, the tuning thing you twist at the top? It broke! And at this point I didn't have the money to fix it. So I basically cried.

I was unemployed by this time (I lost my job in Feb 2009) and didn't get employed again until January 2010, so when Christmas 2009 rolled around, I already knew I wasn't going to learn to play the guitar by the end of the year. So I asked my parents for either a new guitar or a dulcimer. Dulcimers are supposed to be easy to play. They thought it was a little weird, but I told them I still wanted to play the guitar, and I couldn't play my broken guitar (which I was told would take $30 to fix), and I really just wanted to start anew. I loved my old guitar. Adored it. But I'd owned it for almost a dozen years and had never learned to play it. They thought I was a little weird, but sort of understood. I didn't tell them I'd vowed to give my guitar away, but that was key to me. I couldn't just fix and keep it, I'd vowed to give it away.

So they didn't get me a new guitar or dulcimer for Christmas. But, they did get me a new guitar for my birthday, in February. It's a parlor sized acoustic, made for beginners. And I have given the old guitar away now.
:) (Which was a full sized acoustic, made by who I assume is a slightly better maker, but still for beginners.) So I'm trying to learn the new guitar. I know Em, G, D... that's all I'm confident of right now. And I can't really change from one to another without a three or four second pause. lol. But I'm trying. And with practice I'll get it. Also, maybe if I find that DVD.. b/c I lost it and am just working out of a book. And I can't find any of my guitar picks either. I was playing with the stem of a leaf the other day. I put all my picks together... and can't find them. Sigh. And since, again, I am unemployed, I can't buy any. It's all very silly. But I'm trying. And I'm determined. Hopefully by this Christmas I'll be able to smoothly play at least one song. And by the time I'm 30 (I'm 24 now) I hope to play the guitar as well as any average guitar player (not about to go pro here... lol). It really hurts my brain though. I just don't have those instrument playing pathways forged in my neuro-structure. I sing, but that's it. This will be my first instrument. And I will praise the Lord on it!! :)

I didn't actually get to vote yesterday. I was kind of upset. I had stayed up all night, and tried to stay up so we could go vote (I was going with my parents). But it was almost 1pm and they still weren't ready, and so I went to bed and they woke me up after 5pm. The polls closed at 7. So I went to get my ID... and couldn't find it. I searched, but ultimately they left around 6 and didn't take me. I glumly turned the radio on... and heard the guy say you needed either your voter registration card, your ID, or your social security card. Well I had my social security card!! But I didn't have a ride anymore. I couldn't take myself. I was upset. So upset, I dreamed about getting to vote anyway last night. But I was praying to God to help me find my ID, and I still haven't, so my guess is it was God's will. My one vote wouldn't have changed anything anyway (don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those people who thinks their vote doesn't count-- just I'm assuming there weren't masses of people who wanted to vote and couldn't find their ID, so in reality I really would have been just one vote and none of the elections I'd have been voting in would have changed results for one vote). So it's okay. But I am sad about that.

I do have mixed feelings. I am a true independent in that I don't really agree fully with either party at all. I agree more fully with the Democrats, and considered myself one when I was younger, but the issues with which I agree with the Republicans are very important issues to me. And I'm like the opposite of a Libertarian. lol. Economically, I'm Democrat. When it comes to international issues, I'm usually Democrat. When it comes to many domestic social issues, I'm usually Republican. That's pretty much how it splits. And since I really don't want either party entirely in control, having a split Congress could be awesome... but I just think they'll hurt each other's efforts, instead of compromising and working together.

I am very, very cold. I don't want to go unload the dishwasher, but my mom insists. I therefore must go. Happy November people (and when I say 'Novel November' I mean Novel as in new and different in a quirky way, not like a book, despite the length of this post!)

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