Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Winter Approaches

Just so you know, I'm in a blogging mood. I woke up with all sort of blog worthy topics bouncing around in my head, and more came to me. So yes, I just published the last one and now I'm doing this one... and I have another topic I'm doing after this...

But so, this evening I took the dogs outside and was wowed because the leaves had fallen off our chestnut trees. Well, like 80% of them. Yesterday, they were there! They had turned this cool pumpkin-y russet-y color, with some yellow and some brown, and some green. It was lovely, all those shades in the same tree, so I have been eyeing it every day for the last few days. And today, all the highest branches are nude.

And suddenly I see the hand of winter in the fall. Last week, Tabby and I were in downtown Greenville as the sun went down and the temperature was dropping twenty degrees or so, and she was saying it was totally winter now. I was looking at the orange and red and yellow trees and said it was autumn. She said maybe, but autumn had been late in coming. I told her not at all. Actually, this year there was one day (around the first of September) when I woke up and came outside, and the air smelled like autumn. And the sky was that bluest blue and I thought with joy, "Fall is here!"

Well, fall is still here... but winter is approaching. I wonder how many more weeks we have until it overcomes us.

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