Sunday, January 2, 2011

Between Florence and Christmas

Upon my arrival home, I mainly was just trying to recover from my 4:30 am arrival. As I could, I began helping Mom out around the house, cleaning for Christmas. Alison came home around two weeks later, for Christmas. I got to go to Bible Study twice during the time in between Florence and Christmas, which was good. It'd been a month, because it was canceled, then my ride was out of town for Thanksgiving, then I was out of town in Florence. But I got to go the next two weeks, then it hasn't happened the last two weeks because Fridays fell on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

The weekend before Christmas was awesome. Bible Study was Friday, as I've said. Then the next day, Lydia had a party at her place. It was sort of just a 'girl's night' party. We had taco salad and talked, and then played Apples to Apples. It was great. Then I spent the night. Lydia and I talked a little, but she went to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour. I couldn't sleep. So I played a game on facebook. I got less than a hour's sleep. The next morning, we went to the church meeting in Simpsonville. I'd not been in forever, nor had I met with any Recovery saints except Lydia and her family in a long while. So that was awesome. Especially since people talked about how we should not judge or alienate any Christian, even if they weren't the same as them (unification of the Body of Christ is pretty much as close to my heart as you can get, and in Simpsonville in the past I've heard a lot of anti-denomination talk, that is, that Christians who are in denominations are wrong, which put barriers up between Christians with that opinion and their brothers and sisters meeting elsewhere). Also, it related with what we discussed on Friday in Bible Study.

Also there was Anna, who Lydia and I traveled with to Athens last year while we were visiting different churches in the tri-state area. Anna and I haven't really seen each other much since, because Anna was out in California, but she's back now. The three of us were excited to be reunited. So we decided to have lunch. So Lydia, her parents, Anna, and a couple from the church all went out to Don Pablo's for lunch. It was great. I fabulous time. It was a fabulous, amazing, spirit refreshing weekend.

When I got home, Alison had arrived a few hours previous. She brought her cat Cinnamon too. We spend the week prior to Christmas cleaning, and doing things like putting up the tree and decorating. Well, we'd put the tree up before that, but hadn't put any ornaments on it yet (we're all allergic, so we use an artificial tree). We were so busy it didn't really feel like Christmas until it was upon us.

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