Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Adventures of Red Riding Hood

I've arrived in Washington, DC and boarded the bus for Charlotte. Hours ago, when I was in NY, I wrote a blog post... only for us to lose our wifi and not get it back the whole trip. So here is my blog post, with the only addition really being that I made it on this bus just fine. And that Mom and Dad are talking about not picking me up for hours after I arrive at 7:15. Sounds exhausting just thinking about it. They want to avoid rush hour. But wouldn't that mean they'd have to arrive at like 10:30? (in order to miss Spartanburg's rush too you know?) Anyway.... here's my post from earlier:

I have this lovely wool coat. It is very red. On the trip up, the extreme heater of the bus shrank it a little bit, but it still fits. I have to be very careful of it, so it won't shrink anymore. If it does it won't fit anymore.
Me in my red coat (with a lopsided hat!)
It has a hood on it. So the thought occurred to me on the trip up that I was little red riding hood, off to Grandmother's house (well it's Grandpa's house too). Now I'm on my way back.

I have a view again, though I'm not at the very front this time. We've not pulled out of the curbside bus station.

Let me take you back to where I was when I left off of my last post. I did indeed go down and bake cookies with Grandma. Chocolate chip, my favorite, though I hadn't actually requested. That's just what she picked out. After having some, and having lunch, aunt Mary-Michele showed up-- bearing gifts! She bought me another shirt, a nice gray button up one, and a black skirt. Yay! I have been looking for a skirt and haven't been able to find one that was the right size, length, shape. But this one fits the bill. It's just a nice black skirt. And it was a great sale, so she got them at a very good price.

After that we went to the movies and saw The King's Speech. It was very good.

Hey! There is a video on this bus ride. On both legs of my trip up there weren't. I think this is the newest bus I've been on. The recharging plugs are under the window. In the last double decker, they were above our heads. The video, so far, is just safety and stuff information.

Anyway, back to yesterday. After The King's Speech, aunt Mary-Michele and I went into a few shops in Red Bank, then went home. We made a brief stop and I picked up some Tasty Kakes to take home. When we got back to Grandma and Grandpa's house, aunt Mary-Michele and I had to say goodbye. Today is her birthday, so before my trip she was being taken out by some of her friends. She wasn't going to be free until after I left.

In the evening I just hung out and watched tv with Grandma and Grandpa. Then I went upstairs and packed. Uncle Kevin had sent a dvd with aunt Mary-Michele, which I watched as I packed. I didn't finish then, but I got my main suitcase most of the way packed and went to bed.

This morning I woke up, and I did not want to leave! But I packed some, went and had breakfast, and finished packing by noon. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon just spending time with Grandma and Grandpa. Uncle Chris stopped by for a short visit before he went to work and we got to hug and say goodbye. Then I went out and took some pictures, which I may post later. After my walk, I came back and it was basically time to load up the car and go. I cried when I said goodbye to Grandpa. This wasn't really me, it was because he said "If I don't see you again, have a good life." He'll be 86 next month, and this is the first time I'd seen him in four and a half years, so I understand why he said it, but of course the very thought made me lose control.
Grandma drove me to the train station, where I bought my ticket and boarded. This NJ Transit train was better than the one I'd taken to NJ with Lydia, though it wasn't a fancy double decker train like Uncle Chris told me about (and I saw one, we passed it while it was sitting empty at the Newark Station, I think). The trip was nice and uneventful. When we arrived at Penn Station, it took some searching but I found the right exit to street level.

My suitcase broke, I think during all the crazy subway action one of the times in NY. The wheels broke, so that the bottom drags. It had made a hole in it. Grandpa tried to repair it with tape, but he didn't have duct tape so I think (but didn't look) the tape came off. Nothing fell out or anything, but I was dragging it down 8th Street and nice young man stopped and asked me if I was going the bus station down this way.

"The megabus station?" I said and he said yes. And he offered to help. He picked up my suitcase and carried it for me! He said it had happened to him before. His name was Jimmy and he was here in NY doing a job interview and was also taking the bus to DC. He's probably on here. He said he was taking the 6:15, but there are only a 6 and a 6:30.

When I got there I thought it was my bus being loaded, but it was not, it was a bus to Providence. So I got in the end of the line... only apparently it was the wrong line. But I got on the right bus. I sit down and am thinking 'it was running late' because it pulled up with only a few minutes to spare until 6, the departure time it was supposed to have...

Well, the bus driver comes up on the top deck and announces his microphone is broken, so he'd tell us things this way. He told us the stuff I already knew (don't come down the front staircase while the bus is in motion, for one) but also said 'This is the 6:30 bus'. Someone else calls out 'What about the six o'clock?' and there were murmurs.

He said the six o'clock must have broken down, but 6 or 6:30, it didn't matter. We were going to the same place.

I had debated when I bought the tickets if I should by the 6 or 6:30. The 6 was supposed to get there at 10:20, the six thirty 10:50. My bus for Charlotte leaves at 11. So I decided not to risk it and took the 6. Still, the six thirty should be okay, because they tend to get there early. The projected time seems to factor in traffic and things, so if you don't hit traffic and things, you get there early.

Well, we're on our way. I'm not sure if I'm passing Newark yet or if we're coming up to it in just a minute, but we're around there. I feel like I just came this way! (which I did, by train) :) So I have a while before I'm actually out of NJ. Then I'll feel for real like my trip is coming to an end, even though I'll still have hours left. When I saw the 'Welcome to NJ' sign on the way up, my heart leapt in my chest and I thought 'I'm home! I'm home! Home! Home!' Now I'm just sad and wistful, because I'm leaving. Still, it's good to think that in a less than 24 hours I will snuggle my Sophie dog again.

I may blog later, but for now, I'm off.... or not.

Apparently after we stopped moving the wifi stopped working. It doesn't even show up in teh list of available options. So I set my netbook aside and ate dinner. Then I picked up the netbook and tried to reconnect, and still nothing. So I thought I'd add a note.

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