Thursday, February 24, 2011

In Burger King

So I made it to Charlotte. I am sitting in the Burger King by the bus station, waiting. I didn't want to wait here, but it's cold. Mom and Dad told me to come here, too, because they'd seen it was right near where I was dropped off. What they didn't see is the door on the side where my bus stop was an exit only, so I had to walk around the building. So I had to spend five dollars on food I didn't really want (I could have spent less, but if I was going to wait, I wanted food I'd like, plus if I just ordered a drink or something I'd finish too soon and have no excuse to wait for a long period of time). Then they were out of ketchup, so I didn't have it for my hashbrowns. Then, since I was carrying a suitcase, carry on, and a purse along with a tray and drink, I ended up spilling some on me.

So I am grumbling to myself, upset and not happy. I am mad at Mom and Dad for not coming soon enough. I am tired and grumpy for having to spend money. I want ketchup...

But I realize that this was stupid of me. I know God etches out my path before me: if this is how it is, He's prepared it for me. So I thank Him for all the things that annoy me, telling Him I know there has to be a purpose.

I eat and it's not bad, and after a while a man comes up and asked if I was on the megabus and where the bus stop was because he was taking his wife to it. I tell him. After he leaves it occurs to me that they only reason I was there able to help him was because of this delay, and I begin to feel better about it.

Sadly, a homeless man came in and tried to hit me up for money. He didn't speak so I could understand him so I made him repeat himself like four times. I got impatient and didn't have my money handy, so I told him no. Almost immediately I felt ashamed. Didn't God tell us if someone asks us for our shirt, we should give our coat also? I fish out a few dollars, but didn't go after the man, who had left. I feel bad about this, and hope to see him again before I leave.

Then I was going to leave, because I had eaten all my food and drank all my drink, when I saw a man on his laptop in here. And I thought, if he has his computer out, that might mean free internet. And indeed, it did! So I'm online now, and having a good time. I didn't get to use the wifi on the way up. I figured out why it didn't work: the buses I took both had their wifi servers broken. How did I get wifi at the bus stations then? I tapped into other buses. Then as we or they pulled off, we lost it again.

I wish I could say I was patiently waiting, but the caffeine from my large Dr. Pepper is both keeping me awake and making me restless. My knees are knocking the beat to the soft rock playing on the speakers, but I kind of want to get up and walk and shake out my shoulders and what not. I did sleep on the bus, but sleeping on a bus is hard on your back and shoulders. But I don't want to leave Burger King because Mom and Dad may be another hour and a half. Or they could be just a little bit longer. I'm not sure if they've even left the house yet. They said they'd call 'when they were close'. I wish they'd call as they left the house so I could approximate my wait time. It's like an hour and a half from my house to here. If I have another hour and a half to wait, then I should stay put. I don't know if when Dad said they were going to avoid rush hour traffic if they meant Charlotte alone, or Spartanburg's too? If they meant Spartanburg they'd be leaving now. But if they just meant Charlotte, they'd just have left in time to arrive after nine. And considering it's 9:01 it may only be another fifteen or twenty minutes. And if that's the case, I'd just as well like to be outside, stretching muscles that have been on a bus or sitting here in Burger King for pretty much 15 hours now.

Grr. I'm complaining again. Pray for me, I am trying to cut out the complaining. I told you about it at the beginning of this post to show you and me how things that seem worth complaining about happen for a reason, no matter how small (like helping that man with directions). But I go on and complain again, as if I've learned nothing. Well, I thank God for this blog, which shows my faults to me, and not just you, dear reader.

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