Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lydia goes home, and I stay

So my twenty fifth birthday went really well. I should blog more often, because the events of the days are sort of conglomerating in my head, but I'm pretty sure that's the day Lydia and I went down to the dock and walked on the ice! My grandparents have a dock to an estuary river, and it was frozen. Lydia started walking on it. I freaked she'd fall through, but she didn't... so I tried it too. It was fun.

Lydia on the ice!
My aunt Mary-Michele came over with her husband, my uncle Kevin. She gave me a shirt and a shrug. We had NJ pizza at my request, and they got an ice cream cake for dessert, which was very good. Grandma and Grandpa gave me some money, and it was all just good. A good simple birthday with family and friends.

Uncle Kevin is in pink, Aunt Mary-Michele seated at the foot of the table, I'm in red, and Grandpa's seated at the head.
The next day, Friday, we did touristy things. We went to Twin Lights, the local lighthouse, then drove to down Sandy Hook to Fort Hancock, which was from World War 1. We stopped at the beach on the way back (Sandy Hook is mainly beaches- it serves the same purpose as the barrier islands do to the coast of South Carolina, it buffers Atlantic Highlands and makes this area a safer coastline than most). We'd gone to Mount Mitchell on the same day as we did St. Agnes' Thrift Store. On the way back, we stopped at the church where I grew up, my parents married, my older sister and I were baptized, aunt Mary-Michele was married, my aunt Betsy's wedding was blessed, and my grandparents still go. It was great to share that with Lydia, who is definitely my spiritual sister.
One of the Twin Lights.Sandy Hook Lighthouse.
Beach at Sandy Hook.
That afternoon, my cousin Ellen, from my dad's side (so far all the relatives mentioned have been from my mom's side) came and picked Lydia and I up. We went with her and her daughter Kerry back to their house in Toms River. After some visiting with Don, Ellen's husband, Ellen, Lydia, Kerry, Kerry's friend Stephanie and I went to a seafood restaurant where we all had scrumptuous food! I had crab legs and pistachio encrusted mahi mahi with rice pudding for dessert. Ellen gave me a gift from her and Don. We stopped by the beach in moonlight before going back, then we hung out with everyone for a while before Ellen drove us back to Grandma and Grandpa's. Don and Lydia bonded over Flogging Molly, and Lydia and I both enjoyed a glass of wine with Don, who then presented us each with our own bottle to take home!

Saturday Lydia went home. The morning was spent packing, then she and I played battleship. My grandparents had gone to a funeral for my grandmother's cousin's granddaughter who had tragically died at 13 months. My aunt Mary-Michele therefore came over to give us a ride to the trainstation. Lydia took NJ transit to Penn Station, walked a block to the curb the bus stops at and caught a megabus to DC, then from DC to Charlotte. After seeing her off at the train station, aunt Mary-Michele and I went shopping. She bought me a hat and bracelet, and I bought a scarf, a bracelet, four CDs, a DVD, a netbook case, and a flashdrive that converts microSD chips. When we got back Grandma and Grandpa were still out, so we played a game and waited for them to get home, which they did.
Front door of the church.
Sunday I got up early and went to church with Grandma. Then we made waffles for breakfast. I napped in the afternoon, then aunt Mary-Michele and uncle Kevin came over and we had lasagna and visited and it was good.

Yesterday I got to see my uncle Chris. That's basically what happened yesterday. I also started reading a really good book I hope to finish before I go.

Now I have to go. Grandma wants to bake cookies with me. Aunt Mary-Michele will be by later and we'll go to the movies.

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