Thursday, February 17, 2011

So Much Going On!

Tomorrow is my twenty fifth birthday. A friend of mine posted on my facebook early, and she put that she reads my blog. That made me think 'hmm. I guess I should post.'

I have thought that a few times but there's been a lot going on, and it also seems like no one reads it. So it's nice to know someone that I didn't know read it does. Admittedly, I don't advertise it. I do have it under 'website' on facebook, and it's totally available to be found via search engine or through blogger, but I don't much post when I've published anything. Part of this is combatting vanity. I don't want to be like 'look at me! look at me!' because I know part of me would really like that-- the part of me that should not be indulged. It's also because I share a lot of private thoughts on here. Which is funny, because it's a public forum, but the way I figure it is if someone is a random stranger than that's who I am to them as well. They will read my thoughts, find them interesting or not, and move on. But if they know me, I want them be interested first. I don't want my blog to be gossip. But I figure anyone who cares enough to see I have a blog and follow it, cares enough they won't just judge me for it. Or something like that. I am pleased this friend reads it, and I know at least one other friend does as well. That's two readers, at least.

I did indeed dye my hair. Here is the before:
And the after:

I like it. It's enough of a difference that I still sort of go 'whoa' when I look in a mirror (it's been dyed close to a month now) but apparently not so much that everyone actually notices!

I already got what I assume is my biggest birthday gift... a NETBOOK!!!! Ryan gave it to me! It is lovely and cute and has come in handy. I am not on it now, as wifi is not available at the moment, but I have been using it throughout my trip, for you see...

I am in New Jersey!!! :) I am from New Jersey originally. I moved to South Carolina when I was seven. My grandparents and many of my aunts, uncles, cousins, etc still live up here. I've not been able to get up since 2005 because of finances. But I found about this lovely thing called megabus, which is this extremely inexpensive bus service. My trip from Charlotte to New York (via Washington DC) was $34.50 ROUND TRIP!

AND Lydia is up here with me. She had already planned a trip up to see Sarah and Charlie, mutual friends of ours. We went to Converse with Sarah. Charlie is her husband. They live in Yonkers, where she is in seminary and he works as a journalist. Yonkers is in New York, just above New York City. So I came up on the bus and they met me and we had a crazy maze of subways, then we went to the Met, which was great. Then we went to Yonkers and had pizza. Sarah and Lydia both had a cough and felt sick. The next morning Lydia woke up feeling awful. Sarah, Charlie and I went to church. The rest of the day we basically tried to make Lydia feel better. We gave her medication and watched over her like worried mothers. On Monday, Lydia and I were supposed to go in the early afternoon and catch a train from Yonkers to NY, sight see a little, and then catch another train from NY to NJ. It did not happen that way.

Lydia was feeling a little better, so I made her rest and pumped her with medication again. We debated whether she should stay with Sarah and Charlie or come with me. She was too ill to put on a bus and send home. In the end, she did come with me. We left in the evening, took the Metro-North to Grand Central Station, took the subway to 51st Street, caught the E line to Penn Station, then got on the NJ Transit train to Red Bank Station. Sounds like I know what I'm talking about right? Well, I didn't really. I was so nervous. And I lost my hat in the subway.

But Grandma met me and I got to go HOME! When I was three, our home burned down and we (my parents, sisters, and I) moved in with my grandparents, who are my mother's parents. We stayed until we moved to South Carolina. So for four years of my life, this was home. And as I hated South Carolina until relatively recently (I was miserable in grade school) this was home to me for years after we left. I do love Spartanburg now, but it took a long time.

I've gotten to show Lydia my lovely house. It's around a hundred years old (at youngest, 99, maybe older. There's some debate). It's got bay windows and gables and more character than you can shake a stick at. Lydia has been properly charmed. It's by a river, has a dock and river views.

And it has been so good seeing Grandma and Grandpa. I've not seen them since my sister Beth's wedding in 2006. Wayyy too long. They're pretty much just as I remember them. Grandpa looks older, but Grandma is pretty much the same. They've been married for 56 years as of less than two weeks ago. Closing my eyes and hearing them talk, regardless of what it is, overwhelms me with such nostalgia. They are wonderful, amazing people and I am so glad to be here with them.

Lydia spent most of Tuesday locked away in her room. I went to a bowling lesson with my aunt Mary-Michele, which was fun and different. I learned a lot. Lydia was siiickk... and everyone was nervous that she'd get Grandpa or Grandma sick. They're not 'spring chickens', as the saying goes, and a cold is dangerous for them.

But Lydia was feeling much better today. We went to St. Agnes', this wonderful thrift store. I was disappointed because I couldn't find any skirts, which I really want. My wardrobe is sadly lacking in skirts, and I prefer them to pants for most things. I had actually looked at Kohl's the other day, and they didn't even have them there! There were some at St. Agnes', but nothing that fit well. I did get a lovely shirt and a hat that matched a scarf I already had perfectly. We drove from there to the marina and then a scenic outlook, seeing the harbor and the NYC skyline. Lydia and I played board games after we came back and then she watched a movie with Grandpa.

I've got some prayer requests for you. Please pray for Lydia, that she gets thoroughly well, and especially that my grandparents do NOT catch any germs. I'd also appreciate prayer for me, as we're sharing a room and have been this whole time.

Ryan, that most wonderful boyfriend of mine, needs prayers as well. For him and his parents. For privacy's sake, I'll leave it at that.

Oh, and I read my last post before this one and just so you know, Tabby didn't need her gall bladder removed. It wasn't her gall bladder at all. Her baby was pressing on her organs. A minor diet change has let the organs cope and everything is doing great now. She's 33 weeks, and her nursery is done. He has to hold out until at least March, and then she's ready for him! (Or as ready as she'll ever be!)

So next time I post, I'll be 25... crazy...

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