Friday, March 4, 2011

Some Good News

Today (Thursday) I got a call about a job! I didn't answer, it had gone to voicemail, and I didn't check it until late afternoon. The woman calling said she'd like to set it up for that day if possible, if not we could set up a time. I called her back but got her voicemail. I asked if we could to it tomorrrow/today in the morning (Friday) and for her to call me back. I think I may have called too late in the day, because I haven't heard from her. But I'm preparing like I have an interview in the morning. Unfortunately, at 12:30 Dad leaves for work, so it has to be over by then, so I hope she calls. I'm having to think now if I should try to go to bed and sleep a tiny short while, or if I should just stay up (I slept in late today) and go to bed either after the interview or when Dad leaves, depending. Of course, I have Bible Study tomorrow evening, so I wouldn't get a lot of sleep that way either.

Today, I sent in my resume for a job that sounds great. It's a front desk position at a medical office, and I think it sounds perfect. Even though I got the call about the interview, I am maintaining my one job minimum, because I definitely know just because someone contacts you back does not mean you'll get the job. But I feel so encouraged and happy that after only three days of this pact with myself, I got a reply from someone! I've gone months without that happening. I thank God for that.

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