Saturday, March 5, 2011

Someone Contacted ME

I got online and checked my email, in case a job contacted me back. I found an email from a job recruiter who'd seen my resume on a job site. She encouraged me to apply for a position at her company, which is a large and very cool company that also, it seems, pay very well. I don't know that I qualified, but I definitely applied. I took like two or three hours writing the cover letter, just ask Ryan. I was talking to him the whole time.

I almost didn't apply for it. I prayed to God about it, and when he didn't instantly respond, I told myself I could never get it, and decided to look for a different job to be my minimum one job of the day to apply for. I didn't find one. I took that to be God's way of encouraging me to apply for it. Take the chance. I don't think I meet their requirements, but they do seem to be a company that looks more at a personality than a resume, so I tried to make my cover letter reflect that. After all, they approached me! I can't be that crazy for trying.

It is in another state, so if I do get this job, I'll be moving (they cover relocation, which is amazing in this economy.) Any job that would pay relocation will probably pay enough that I could qualify for marrying Ryan. The US visa process looks at my finances in order to qualify him to enter the country on a fiance visa. No, Ryan and I aren't engaged yet, but I'm definitely aware of such things.

I introduced Ryan to my friend Jacob online. Not that they've actually talked yet, but I was talking to them both simultaneously on facebook and was telling Jacob about Ryan and he friended him. That pleases me.

Bible Study last night was very good. We listened to an audio message. Normally I am not such a fan of that, but it was really, really good. It was by Paul Washer. We also celebrated Suzanne's birthday. It was really good to get to Bible Study. It was the first time in a month.

Which reminds me, I need to contact my potential ride to church tomorrow and see if she wants to do it. We'd set it up to go last week, and she had to cancel due to her husband having a prior engagement she'd forgotten about. She said 'maybe next week' and we've not talked since. So I definitely need to contact her today and see if 'maybe' is a 'yes'.

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