Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An Acumulation of Little Things

The thing is, the last few days have been pretty uneventful. So I want to blog, but what do I say?

Yesterday I did finish writing a draft of my 'spiritual biography.' I've been looking at Regent College since the fall when I discovered it, and it's my hope attending there is in my future. I am fairly sure God's calling me to do that, like 85% sure. But not right this minute. Still, I've scoured the website, sent off for materials, downloaded hours of audio material (and listened to it all). As I've discussed before, God has made it clear I shouldn't make many plans, so I am trying hard not to 'plan' to go there, but preparation is a good and godly thing. So one way I prepared was looking at what an application entails. And one is a thousand word spiritual biography.

I found this very difficult and indeed, I did not achieve it. I could easily write 5,000 words and still leave out tons of events in my life with God. So right now I've got it down to 2,300. But I know I can probably edit it to 2,000 easily enough. Yes, I'd have to still make it smaller, but at least I have it sketched out on paper. I do not have it 'planned' but I think if I go there I'll get my Master's of Christian Studies with a concentration in Christianity & the Arts. As an artist, that one fascinates me (and more and more God is calling me to write and use the gifts he's given me. This blog is one expression of my inner need to write.) This is incidental, but I also love God in that if that does happen it'll make my BA in Theatre with a minor in Religion actually seem planned.

I was supposed to hang out with my friend Hannah yesterday, but she had a small crisis come up and it didn't happen. Hopefully we'll reschedule soon.

Last night nothing really happened except I got to talk to Ryan, who is in a wonderfully romantic mood lately, so that was good. I also continued my work on the changes to blog. Not much longer until I'm done!

Today I didn't do much, though I did start the a Bible Reading Summer Challenge. I thought it sounded like fun. People in pairs or trios are reading from assigned Bible reading daily for the next 90 days. If you read the entire assignment, that's great and you put it down as complete. However if you only get even just one verse read, you put that down too, because the main purpose is to get people in the habit of reading the Bible daily. Also, it's not an individual competition-- that is, you're scored based on your companions completion as well as your own.

So Lydia, Suzanne, and I are doing it! The top two teams will get a free dinner. And everyone gets the 'eternal reward'. :-P

I completed my reading for today, and hopefully I continue to do it. If you complete all the assignments, you read through the whole New Testament.

Tomorrow my parents are going out of town to see my younger sister in Florence. She is getting a prestigious award from her college for her participation in the community. I had sort of hoped to go, but I am looking forward to having the house to myself. Since my mother is also unemployed, that rarely happens.

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