Monday, April 25, 2011

Documents and Decisions

So all night (I'm on a nocturnal kick lately, so night is my day) I've thinking about documents and government and bureaucracy.

Ryan and I are trying to figure out how we're going to see each other. Ryan, in case you don't know, is my boyfriend, and he lives in India (and is Indian). We'd like him to come see me, but there's difficulty in the whole process. The US government basically takes the stance of 'you're guilty of wanting to be an illegal immigrant unless you can convince us otherwise'. The burden of proof is on Ryan and I that he's just coming for a visit. Which is true. But since he's an unmarried young person, they may not believe he has 'strong enough ties to his home country'.

The other option is I go to India. It's not really that hard for a US citizen to get a tourist visa for India, but I don't have a passport. I actually would need a new copy of my birth certificate, as my current copy is a) in really bad shape and b) doesn't have my parent's names on it, which is new requirement for applying for a passport. Since I was born in New Jersey, it's not as easy to get a copy as if I lived where I was born, though it's not that hard either.

Either way I need a passport because even if Ryan comes here now, eventually I should travel to India. So we're probably going to start that process anyway.

I hope God gives us guidance about which to go with... because if Ryan applies for a visa and is denied, it will make it harder for us in the future. Even if he doesn't visit this summer, I definitely will want him to meet my family and friends here in the US. And if he's got this denied tourist visa on his record, it'd make it that much harder to get a new one. And he's got a history with visas. He lived in the US as a minor for seven years. It was legal the whole time, but he had to get extensions on his visa (which doesn't look as good as if he just promptly went back to India when it was up.) And three years before me, he was engaged to an American citizen, applied for a fiance visa, and was denied. We think that was totally God though, because a few months after this happened he found out she'd been unfaithful for a while. If he'd gotten the visa when he'd applied, he probably wouldn't have found out until after they were married.

Actually, in wonderful news, he recently heard from her and found out she's found the Lord! That makes me happy.

But all that makes it harder. (I loathe bureaucracy.) We've got to make some decisions soon.

Okay, God. Trusting you!

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