Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Great, Simple Day

So remember how I was talking about how little trips breathe life in me?

Yesterday I was blessed enough to go with Tabitha and baby Jordan to Falls Park in Greenville! We mainly just chilled and enjoyed the atmosphere. We talked and caught up. I told her about the latest sagas of Ryan, me, and our brainstorming about visas, passports, and the such. She told me about the joys and woes of the first weeks of motherhood, especially the recovery from pregnancy. We reflected on the mid-twenties, where we thought we'd be, and where we've ended up. We discussed education theory, which we disagree on in practice (I want to homeschool, she's planning to send her kids to public school) but agree on in essence. We both want to push our kids (theoretical at this point for me) to do well and know parental involvement is very important.

Mommy and baby!
I helped her with Jordan. I mean, I didn't do much, but I pushed the stroller when he'd cry if she put him in it, carried the diaper bag, that kind of thing. He's a well behaved baby.

Falls Park is such a lovely place. We watched the waterfalls, ducks, and even a few pigeons. Aside from talking we mainly people watched. We noticed every baby and pregnant lady! A group of older teens were exclaiming over Jordan's cuteness. We also met a Christian brother trying to share the gospel, which was neat. He chatted with us for a few minutes, then went to meet others.

The view of the falls from the swing we were sitting on.
When we got too hot, we went to the skating rink where Tabitha works and got some pizza. Once when Jordan got fussy I was able to calm him down when Tabitha couldn't! That made me happy. He likes me! Last week he smiled at me and this week he calmed down when I comforted him. He's definitely wrapping me around his cute baby finger.

Then we took Jordan to visit his dad at work. This was my first time seeing Jeremy with his son and it was adorable! He is euphoric, just like any new parent should be! He was also very affectionate with his wife. They were teasing each other about when to have the next baby. On the ride home Tabby and I told him funny stories of when we were kids. I just thank God for this wonderful little family!

All in all it was a great day, simple day, a lovely gift from God. No frills, but peaceful, friendly thrills that will make me smile every time I remember it.

Everyone should have days like this, don't you think?

(And now I'm off to take a morning walk in the garden...)

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  1. Hi! I just found your comment on my blog. :) :) Thanks so much for taking the time to write and, no, it was definitely *not* weird. ;) Sounds like we have some things in common. It will be fun to get to know you better. :)


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