Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lessons from God

We just had the most amazing Bible Study. OH! It was great!

My Bible Study family. This picture is from Feb 2010, and not the exact same group as was here tonight, but still! I love them!
The Friday night Bible Study I attend does that (that is, study the Bible) but we're also a family. I actually called them my 'Friday family' in college. We're sort of like a home church, though each member is also a member of another church they attend on Saturday or Sunday. I've been going to Bible Study for, incredibly, over seven years and they're my primary 'church family'. Because you know, a little 'c' church is just a family of believers (and there's only one big 'C' Church!). So I've got a few little 'c' churches.

My Sunday little 'c' church is St. Matthew's Episcopal, and I love it. But because of transportation difficulties I do not get to go nearly often enough, so it's really my secondary church. And I've got tertiary and quadrary (sp?) and so on as well...

But so tonight at Bible Study, well, it was amazing! Our leader, Kathy, I guess was called to ask us each to share a big lesson or lessons God has taught us in our life. She went first, then read some stories from great men of faith, to give us time to think. Now, as you may imagine, these are personal stories. So I'm not going to really share them, but I will tell you the like overarching lessons.

Kathy shared about how God's expressed His provision in her life, then read about His faithfulness, eternal hope, and how He leads us into servanthood. Lydia shared about His faithfulness, especially in times of uncertainty and plans you wouldn't pick for yourself. Ed talked about how He can guide our path by closing doors. Suzanne talked about trusting God, and how our paths are Chosen by a sovereign God, even when it seems like life just thrusts our roles upon us. Darryl shared about God's amazing love and how He's in control in chaos. Jane, his wife, shared on keeping your focus on God. David, their son, shared on sacrificing Self and loving your enemies. Katie shared about patience. I shared about God's friendship and how He's partnered with me and just some experiences I've had (I'm not sure I have it all figured out enough to present it neatly). And Jane, Ed's wife and Lydia's mom, shared about contentedness in any situation and turning to Jesus as our Lord, the power of His name and how declaring Him Lord can only be done by the power of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:3).

It was wonderful!

Also wonderful, it's sort of Ryan's birthday. I say sort of because here it's Friday, so it's the day before. But in India, where He is and was born, it's Saturday, which is His birthday! So Happy Birthday, love, and Thank You God for him!!!


  1. Pam, I very much enjoyed reading your expression of our wonderful experiences of Christ in the Bible study. He is faithful to give us each an amazing portion of Himself to share for the building up of one another. We are so blessed to have Him and each other! May we celebrate Him as the Resurrection and Life every day! Love and blessings to you and your family. Jane Anthony

  2. Thank you Jane and love and blessing to you and everyone as well!!


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