Thursday, April 21, 2011

My 200th Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isn't that crazy?

Towards the beginning of the month I realized my 200th post was coming up. So I decided I'd revamp my blog. It's not just the template that's changed. I've been steadily making changes since, as I've hinted at many times.

Most prominently there are the obvious changes, like the template. And did you notice I have a 'contact' page now? I also edited the 'about' page. If you were intimately familiar with the sidebar you'll notice I rearranged things and added that photo of me. I also added some widgets I found on a friend's blog because I thought they were fun.

I've also gone through and added tags to everything. They may or may not be helpful, but I've been meaning to do it for some time. I also went back and added photos. I'm also going to try to keep posting photos when I can. Obviously, not every blog post has a relevant photo I can post. Plus, I have dial up at home and that doesn't make uploading photos, like this one, easy.

Six year-old me in my dance recital costume. Just a random photo for fun.
But that's not everything that's changing. For one, I took away the anonymity of the original posts. If any of you read from the beginning, I used to post anonymously. I never introduced myself or referred to anyone by name. I stopped doing that over a year ago, but now I went back and changed all those 'My friend who I did this activity with at one time' to just their name.

And, with this attitude of more visibility, from now on I'll be actually like linking to my blog. I hadn't really done that before purposely, but I feel like the time has come.

So, doing this, I went back and read my blog. I got to muse on the changes that have happened in the last two and a half years. I got to laugh at myself.

And I realized I complain way too much! I mean, I knew that, but I actually felt very, very annoyed with myself. I wanted to shake past me and say 'seriously?' at times.

It was amusing how my 22 year old self was going on and on about being a grown up. I'm basically in the same place I was then, and I'm 25 now. Life has been unexpected, to say the least.

This blog means a lot to me. I use it as an outlet for my writing need. I am a writer, that's my identity. And if you're a writer, you need to write. I also write outside of this, but even if I don't for a period of time, this keeps me sane.

I also am happy I've actually stuck with something this long. I'm the start lots of things, finish very few kind of person.

And I am not finished with this blog yet!

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