Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Relational Blogging

I've been looking at websites about blogging for hours. It's been fun and informational but it also shows you that the majority of the people who write about it are blogging very topical blogs. This blog isn't like that. It's more flexible and random, yes, but it's also more relational. I don't hate blogs that are very focused, topical, aimed at a certain niche. I'm just responding to the tacit implications that ones that aren't are fluff blogs.

This blog is about you, me, people in my life, and Jesus. Oh, occasionally I talk about something else, like blog statistics or something. But if you were to read these articles (which are very good on the subject they're addressing) you'd think that personal blogs were passe, boring, or unsuccessful as blogs.

And some part of me was accepting that a little. But then I realized that the blogs I like and follow are the personal ones. And with 7 billion people in the world, it's very unlikely I'm the only one who feels that way. And indeed, I decided to go look at some random personal blogs and I enjoyed and was touched by several. That makes them successful blogs. How many people read this blog doesn't matter, but whether or not those people find something here, that does.

Being relational, to me, is the most important. I do believe all things pass away. There's something eternal about the human soul, whether it's bound for heaven or hell, and of course Christ is without end. So sowing your time and effort into people and God, that matters. That lasts. That endures. So being relational, whether it's a relationship with you or Jesus, that's successful.

This blog isn't my blog. If it was my blog alone, whose purpose was promoting me and probably getting me money, then of course this should be so niche-y and topical. But it's not. This is God's blog. So the first rule is to love God. Then to love people. The rest doesn't matter.

Remember what it says on my 'About' page:
This is a blog to love you with, to share my journey and organize experiences. This is Christ's blog, via a not perfect source: me.

PS. One bloggy type thing I'm doing for the site is requiring me to put a code on a blog post to verifty that I'm the blog's author. So here it is:


You can ignore it. :)


  1. Pamela, dear one! :)

    I like your new banner very much. It really works with the layout and is very inviting. I also like the idea of relational blogging. It speaks very much to who you are.

    I started reading Wild at Heart. We really should talk!

    Love you,

  2. Absolutely, Lydia! I'm actually online from Falls Park right now, with Tabitha and Jordan! But why don't you facebook message me and let me know when you're working and maybe we can schedule in a nice long talk tomorrow?


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