Friday, April 15, 2011

Ryan v. Job

I am sort of tired. Well, okay, I am tired. But I am not letting myself go to bed yet. For a couple reasons, though the primary is I'm talking to Ryan on facebook chat in the other tab and I've missed him so much.

It's not that he's gone anywhere. I'm just sleeping in so I'm not really getting up till he's going to bed, and then he's soo busy with work lately.

He's probably leaving his job. I don't really blame him. I think I'd have a caused a ruckus long ago. In February they convinced him to take on twice the responsibility, in order to get a raise.

The raise has never appeared.

Then lately, his office is moving locations and as the office manager, he's responsible for that. He's working his butt off, staying way past closing time, and yet his boss seems to walk in when he's taking a break and then yell at him. He's a salaried employee, so even though he's been working way over normal hours for three or more weeks, he's not going to get any more money.

And actually, the move was made a lot harder because his boss procrastinated on a lot of the packing and he's had to pick up the slack-- and had his boss yell at him for not being quick enough about it. (He unpacked 100 boxes in a day in a half... does that sound like slacking?)

Also, since he's in India, the majority of his office is Hindu. So they did a Hindu ceremony to dedicate the new office and offered him food sacrificed to idols. When he refused, because our God is a jealous God, his boss was offended.

The other night, he was at the office until 2am for an IT issue... and he had to come in on his day off as well.

He doesn't make much. It's a bachelor's wage. He is a bachelor, but he and I are very serious about getting married, and he's thinking leaving and finding another job for our future is the way to go.

I support that... except I want to see him.

The chances of him getting a tourist visa when he's unemployed is very slim. The chances of a new job letting him come see me for a few weeks when he's just started? Very unlikely. So unless he stays with this job, it could be months and months until he comes and visits... and he was supposed to come visit in February but it got put off until May because of a financial crisis. Now, if he leaves, it probably won't be May.

And I just miss him.

He's praying about it, and I trust him and God. Whether he leaves this job or not, it'll be fine.

I just miss him.

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