Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dan and Ginny's Wedding!

Yesterday was Dan and Ginny’s wedding!

The Happy Couple

It was at The Lodge at Table Rock State Park. I carpooled with my friends Lydia, Katie, Jane, and Jackie. We all go to Bible Study together.

The Lodge

We arrived and looked and mingled. They had favors and a few stations for like decorating pages for Ginny’s wedding album and writing notes to the couple. The Lodge is like a cabin. It overlooks a lake and a mountain on the other side. It was gorgeous.

The view from the lodge

A close up of the lake. So lovely.

The favors

The ceremony was lovely. The most touching part was when they had the bridal party and family lay hands on the couple, and the guests prayed. I don’t have a picture of that because I was busy praying.

The ceremony space (taken before it started)

The ceremony

the couple says their vows

The reception was downstairs. It was barbeque. The drink stations were outside, and lovely. I ate with Lydia, Katie, and Holly, who will also be at Ryan and Mallory’s wedding on Saturday, and Mallory herself, bride to be in just a few days.

The reception space before it started

the drink station

Mallory, upcoming bride!

After dinner, we went upstairs where the ceremony space had been transformed for the first dance. After that and the father daughter dance the dance floor was opened up. It was silly dances, and it was fun!

first dance!

Lydia gets her groove on

Then Dan and Ginny cut the cake. Well, cakes, because they also had a groom’s cake. They also had a sundae bar with homemade ice cream, of which I totally took advantage.
cutting the cake (well taking the cake topper off)

the groom's cake

Ginny did the bouquet toss… and Lydia caught it!

Lydia and the bouquet!

At some point, the groomsmen snuck out and decorated the car. It was hilarious!

Then we did a birdseed toss and the newlyweds made their escape!

Congratulations, Dan and Ginny! I love you!

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