Thursday, May 26, 2011

Errands Hijack Evening, Blogger Hides My Blog

The past day, Wednesday, has been very interesting.

I woke up because Ryan was calling my cell phone, so I didn't get that much sleep.

When I drug myself from bed (not irritated at Ryan at all) I sleepily got a bowl of cereal and talked to Ryan. I also had texted Tabitha because we'd talked about possibly seeing each other since she'd be relatively 'in the neighborhood' anyway.

After I finished eating the cereal I remembered Mom didn't like me eating that cereal, because she's recently developed an intolerance for a lot of foods and this is one of the few things she could eat. There really wasn't much I could do about it then.

Mom woke up and she and I hung out during the morning. Then at lunch time she went to get cereal and when she realized I'd eaten it she blew up at me. And we fought.

Unfortunately, we fight a lot lately. I really don't want to, but there's a lot of tension and stuff. Sometimes I feel like it's like I'm nearing my expiration date for living here. But honestly, what can I do? I don't really have another option. I love my parents and I don't want my living here to be detrimental to us having a healthy, happy relationship.

Tabitha never got back to me (she's got a newborn, she's forgiven) and the other friend who said we might hang out today, Shilo, said maybe later in the day. (On Tuesday I felt like I HAD TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE so I tried to see if any friends wanted to hang out, but none did, but Tabby and Shilo said maybe the next day).

Shilo does come and picked me up around five. We stopped at a strawberry farm, all ready for a nice, slow visit of just talking and rediscovering each other as friends. We recently hung out for the first time in years, this was only our second visit. Shilo's phone rings. We have to go do an errand, picking up her fiance and bringing him to his mother, because she doesn't feel well enough to drive her own car home.

So we have to drive from Moore to Campobello. Then, when we get there, her fiance says first we're driving to the middle of a field and searching for a giant pipe. After this forty-five minute and fruitless detour (though somewhat amusing) we head out. Shilo and I had planned on dropping her fiance off, then hitting Walmart and buying the makings of spaghetti and then heading back to her house and just chilling.

Instead, her fiance is set on dinner in a restaurant. I can't really afford it, so Shilo ends up paying for me, which makes me feel very guilty (I paid for the tip), especially since Shilo picked up the tab the last time we hung out too.

Then, we want to just go pick up dinner for her future mother-in-law and drop the dinner and her fiance off... but on the way we get a call from her fiance's aunt. Her car won't start.

So we drop off the dinner, then go to the aunt's house. Shi's fiance tries to fix the car, but it won't work. She needs a new battery. So we go to the auto supply store, buy a battery, go back to her house, and it's probably another forty-five minutes installing it.

At this point, almost nothing in Spartanburg is open and Shilo and I still haven't really gotten any one on one friend time.

Finally, her fiance finishes, we take him to drop him off with his mother, and head towards downtown Spartanburg, with no idea what we can find open. We decide on Krispy Kreme, since it's open all night, and are able to get a good talk in over coffee (her) and hot chocolate (me).

We had a lovely time, catching up on our lives (it's been five years since we were more than facebook friends, so there's a lot to talk about), talk about spiritual beliefs, men, school, babies and psychology. And much more.

Then we still sort of want to hang out, but don't have any idea what we could do at 11pm on a Wednesday in Spartanburg, so we start heading towards my home. We're almost there when we remember I wanted to get my mom cereal. So we head to Walmart! I am able to buy Mom the cereal (having to borrow a nickel from Shi-- so I officially have no money now) and Shilo buys a few things she needed too.

Then we head home and after a little chatting in the driveway she drives home to a worried fiance (she doesn't usually stay out that late) and I come in to a happy rat terrier.

After being home a few minutes, I get online and, among other things, want to blog. So I go to blogger and it says they'll be doing updates and whatnot for the next hour. So I leave it and do other things.

A little over an hour later I come back. I go to blogger and... it signs me in and says 'You are not an author on any blogs yet, create one now to start posting!'

Freaked out, I try just going to my blog's url. It has a long error message!

So now I'm crying and telling Ryan 'Baby!!! My blog disappeared!!!'

He goes to my blog and it's there. Sure enough, I reload and it's back. I reload my dashboard and there it is! I start to relax and try to go into my blog to post a new one... and it does it again.

It took at least half an hour for me to get to this write a new post screen! I have no confidence this will actually publish when I hit 'publish post'... but that's why I'll copy this before I do!

Then, when I'm looking at my blog, I see something awesome! Apparently somebody from India found my blog from a search for "what thing in human being make him alive". Which, while random, is awesome. And then they gave me five page views... which means they were reading my blog! So, person, if you're out there, welcome to my blog. And I hope you found that it is Jesus which makes human beings come alive!

All and all, it's been an interesting day. Not a bad day. But it has tested my patience for sure. But I've been praying for patience, so I suppose I should have expected that... I'm glad the events happened and I praise God for them, for friendship, and for humor.

Humor is so essential.

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