Monday, May 9, 2011

A Few Random Bug Moments

Yesterday I saw a bee get caught in a cobweb. It was a huge bee. Like HUGE. It was fighting and trying to free itself.

The web shaking, the spider came out to see what it'd caught. He was running down the threads when he stopped. He realized the bee was at least fifty times larger than himself. So he turned around and ran away!!

That made me laugh. The bee also managed to free herself and fly away.

This morning I was sort of in a funk after waking up and I had taken the dogs out and was sitting on the top step of my deck looking into the yard and praying. I was feeling sorry for myself and being surly.

Suddenly I saw the butterflies. There was a swallowtail and a little periwinkle one, just dancing around the bright emerald green grass. And I realized how down my thoughts were and let my mind be cleared to focus on the natural beauties God has provided for us all around.

It's funny how God can use even the smallest things to communicate to us.

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