Tuesday, May 10, 2011

God's Deliberate Works Unfolding

God is deliberate. I've discussed on here what God's taught me about planning (in summation: He's the architect, we're the builders.) but I've not talked about God's view that much. We may not supposed to plan that much, but that's just because He's got it covered. God is THE Planner. He's amazing at it. Usually when we try to plan, we just get in His way... and that never goes well.

He's so deliberate in His plans. It's amazing how lovely and intricate they are... no matter how detail oriented, yours, by comparison, are clunky and sophomoric.

So realizing that, looking for and watching His plans unfold in your life is exciting. Like a glorious play with a full symphony, new and different elements appearing on all sides. It's breathtaking in its masterpiece.

So looking around at my life right now, I see all these changes, small and simple, but deliberate. I see people appearing or reappearing in my life. I see similarities in personality or theme. It's crazy how intricate God is! Crazy in the inexpressibly awesome way, not the psycho way.

I just wanted to share how awe-inspiring this is, in a general way. I would share specifics, but I honestly don't know where this is going, so the import and implications of the events around me are just suppositions at this point. I don't want to throw something out there as life changing when it ends up fizzling... or highlighting one thing over something else that ends up being very significant.

That makes me think of freshman year of college, how I met hundreds of people all at the same time. And so while I met and even became friends with the people who later became my dearest, they weren't the same ones I focused on then. They were the sideline friends, and almost all of those I was closest to that first semester I haven't talked to in years. That's just how it turned out, and so while these things are unfolding now I don't want to pronounce any my "best friends" only to find later that I thought unimportant is really that which is significant... if you follow my metaphor.

I'm just an audience member, entirely enthralled in the show, but not sure what happens next. (And as a theatre major, I can tell you the audience very much effects how the show goes!)

So love to you, blog world. And please comment, any time. I thoroughly enjoy when you do.

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