Monday, May 23, 2011

Home Farming

So the other day I saw a Triscuit commercial for a home farming movement or something.Well, we basically have a home farm. Like yesterday we had homegrown lettuce in our pitas, with chicken seasoned with home grown rosemary and thyme (anyone hearing Simon & Garfunkel in your head?). Earlier in the week we had home grown peas. Like that.

So I went to the website mentioned on the site ( today and looked at it. It looks cool... for a gardener.  So I showed my mom. She thinks it looks fun.

She's the gardener of the family, for sure. She's actually a South Carolina Master Gardener. She grows all sorts of flowers, especially roses. That's her main thing. The vegetables and herbs are more a side thing.

Besides what I've already mentioned she grows cucumbers, carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes, parsley, green beans, basil, peppermint, lemon balm, catnip (you can make tea out of it), blueberries... there's probably more but that's what I think of... plus we get wild blackberries. Oh, I think she mentioned she's growing watermelon?

I love fresh food! Thanks for that, God!

In fact the fresh loaf of bread I just made will be done in a few hours... but no, we didn't grow the wheat or grind it. :)

I do know someone who grinds their own flour.... amazingly tastey!! I also know people who make their own soy milk, carrot juice, grow delicious fresh sprouts, all sorts of things.

I'm allergic to pretty much anything with feathers so I can't see myself ever having a pet bird indoors. But I've thought that maybe a some point in my life I'll have a few pet chickens and get fresh eggs. I've had fresh chicken eggs (and duck eggs too!) and they're much better than store bought! (Duck eggs taste more egg-y than chicken eggs, somehow.) Actually I've always wanted to raise a fowl from a chick, and thought someday when I have kids I'll give them chicks for Easter and we'll raise them as a family... depending on where we live, of course.

Okay, now I have the topic of my next blog post in mind...


  1. Pam, I share your enthusiasm for growing things! This year Ed made subterranean irrigation planter boxes and we are growing veggies & herbs. We planted fruit trees years ago and we might have fruit this year! There is such satisfaction in watching things grow from God's good earth!
    (Oh and eating them, too!) :)

  2. Thanks Jane. :) Though I confess my enthusiasm is more towards the eating or the watching them grow than the actual growing. I love the wild blackberries because... they just grow! I really, really appreciate gardeners though, and am glad I know them.


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