Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Lesson of the Day

Possible scenarios tease our imaginations
Reducing my drummer to tip tapping toes
A jerk of my jaw betrays my true impatience
You should know by now I'm not perfect

Fortuitious timing releases my shoulders
Oh how the song in my head contorts with
Relaxing and tensing my exercised soul

Please, calls fatigue, let's get this over with
At least may you skip over all that's a bore
The frenzied fidgeting conflicts with my eyelids
I pause to remind myself none of it's excellence
Excellence is still worth aiming towards
Now I affirm I am not in the driver's seat
Crashing is not in the triptik, so chill!
Eagle's wing has got me covered, so wait.

Waiting is the hardest work I know.

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