Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Neighbors of the Blogosphere

I've been reading a lot of blogs lately.

And it's been awesome.

Some of them have been friend's blogs. Some have been friends of friends' blog. Some have been random strangers blogs. It's been fun to explore using the navbar. If you don't know what that its, look at the top of my blog. See the bar that says 'follow, share, report abuse, next blog'? If you hit next blog it gives you a random blog. This is especially awesome to use if you pray for God to lead you to a good blog to use and then hit it. Also, if you hit 'follow' right now, you can follow my blog. Which you know you want to do. :)

A lot of these totally awesome blogs I've been reading have given me some stuff to really chew on. Others, I just totally want to be friends with their author! A few have left me in prayer for the author or what they were writing about (or both). It's been awesome and I will be continuing.

My friend Hannah shared she likes to start at the beginning of a blog and read every post. I admit I've not done that a lot, but I have done it with a few I've discovered and have a few more on my list I hope to read like that.

I've really been introduced to the concept of blogging as a community recently. And I love it! So, blogging community, I'd like to join the neighborhood! In the infamous words of the man in the sweater, would you be my neighbor?


  1. ha ha! Won't you be, please won't you be? My neighbor!

  2. and P.S. While I do love starting at the beginning of blogs and reading. I have taken a break on yours. I will have to read a couple a day... and maybe I will eventually get them all read! ha ha

    You have tons of posts!

  3. Wimp. I just finished reading a blog all the way through that has over 300 posts (I have 226)...

    I'm teasing calling you a wimp though. Actually, when you said you liked to read them through I thought you were very ambitious because of how many posts I have, so I totally understand.


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