Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Obedience and Guidance

God wanted me to take half an hour to clean the kitchen and load the dishwasher. I knew that.

But I was very tired. And, with joy, I was heading to my room to pray and nap. I felt at peace with God. I knew what He wanted me to do, but I also knew He knew I was tired. And He's always wanting me to look at things from a more eternal viewpoint and have patience. So I figured, and even told him sweetly, that it didn't really make that much of a difference if I did it right now or after I woke up from a nap. Right?

So I laid myself down in bed and decided I'd read a little from God Calling, my favorite book. I know I've talked about it before, but you may not have read that, so basically in 1934 two women decided to meet together daily and listen to God... and He talked to them and they wrote it down! It's a wonderful book. You can find it in most bookstores, or it's available for free online here.

Okay, now that the commercial is over, back to my story. So I lie down and I pray to God to communicate with me through the reading. I close my eyes, praying, and flip through it until I feel like God's saying to stop. And He lead me to July 20, which I shall now share with you:

July 20 - My Standard
Carry out My Commands and leave the result to Me. Do this as obediently and faithfully as you would expect a child to follow out a given rule in the working of a sum, with no question but that, if the working out is done according to commands, the result will be right.
Remember that the commands I have given you have been already worked out by Me in the Spirit World to produce in your case, and in your circumstances, the required result. So follow My rules faithfully.
Realize that herein lies the perfection of Divine Guidance. To follow a rule, laid down, even by earth's wisest, might lead to disaster.
The knowledge of your individual life and character, capability, circumstances, and temptations must be, to some extent, lacking, but to follow My direct Guidance means to carry out instructions given with a full knowledge of you and the required result.
Each individual was meant to walk with Me in this way, to act under Divine control, strengthened by Divine Power.
Have I not taught you to love simplicity? No matter what the world may think, earth's aims and intrigues are not for you. Oh! My children, learn of Me. Simplicity brings rest. True rest and Power.
To the world foolishness, maybe, but to Me a foretaste of Divinity.
Okay, could it be more direct? Even when He talks of simplicity, I think of the simpleness that is cleaning the kitchen or doing dishes.

So I sighed and got up and spent a half hour in the kitchen. And you know what? It was joyful. Because I knew I was doing God's will. And I love Him.

Also, I think this situation is good to share because it also shows God's guidance. Yes, I wasn't being the best at obedience. But I really didn't think God minded me just putting it off a little. I was in prayer, I was joyful... (usually disobedience causes you to lose your joy) But you know what? God was faithful. He was right there! He promised to be a light unto my path, so when I was straying from His Will, He firmly but gently pointed me back in the right direction. Yay!

See, that's the thing. There's nothing to worry about if you're God's child and you're keeping your eyes on Him. If you're praying and seeking His Will and guidance, He'll be faithful. He made us, individually. He knows exactly how to get our attention. Pray and then don't worry! God will guide you. He will!

I think often we get bogged down by worrying if we're doing His Will. As long as we consistently turn to Him, are in communication and relationship with Him, He'll let us know if we are or not. So no worries! Enjoy! Peace be unto you!

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