Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Peace Y'all

I feel refreshed.  I needed yesterday. It was a mental health day.  I spent the morning talking to Ryan, then I got to hang out with best friend Tabitha, whom I've not seen in a few weeks.

I just went to her house, but it was really nice.While her grandmother watched her son, we went walking for at least a mile and a half, and talked and caught up. Then we just spent time with each other for many hours. I talked Tabitha's ear off about Ryan and our hopes and dreams and tentative plans.  She relished getting a chance to just sit because, as she said, she's not really gotten to do that much since Jordan was born. He has already grown so much (he's seven weeks old) and is just quite obviously one of the most beautiful babies in the world (not that I'm biased or anything.)

For dinner, we just went and got a Little Caeser's pizza. Y'all, it was amazing! (yes, it calls for a 'y'all') I have eaten many Little Caeser's pizzas in my life, because I'm poor, but this one was actually yummy! :-P We got it fresh out of the oven (we had to actually wait for it) and we were so hungry we just starting eating it within a minute of it coming out of the oven. Tabby and I, again being poor, have eaten Little Caeser's pizzas together before but never have we actually finished off the entire pizza in one go. I was astounded it was actually so good! Obviously, because I've already written a sizable paragraph about a food that's normally just edible.

Then I came home and watched a little television with my mom, talked with Ryan as he woke up (oh timezones,what strange things you are), read the Bible and went to bed. All in all it was just a nice simple day. I've already told you I like those, and it remains true. 

Peace is flowing through me, that glorious peace that defies understanding, and I am grateful. It is my hope to go for a job interview today and getting some much  needed paperwork done.  So pray for me, if you think of it, and I just said a prayer for you.

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