Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Boring, Daily, Rural Life

I woke up this morning at 5:30 am because I could hear my dad's alarm going off.  But that was okay. I'm a sound sleeper, so usually if a faint noise wakes me it's because my body is okay with being awoken. I stayed in bed and listened to dance type music for another half an hour before I actually got up...

Today was the day I actually did the first day of the Couch to 5K program! But more about that with my weekly update next week.

Yesterday I went to the doctor's. It went about how I'd hoped/expected.  Chances are it's nothing serious, I have gotten a treatment we expect will work... but I'm going back on July 19 for a test that will make sure it's not serious because there's still a tiny chance that it is. Your prayers were, and are, appreciated.

Ryan completed day two of five of exams. He thinks he's done well so far. I'm still praying for him, and would love if you would too.

I actually wrote a pretty good post for this blog last night... but I wrote it on my netbook (which only gets online at wifi hotspots. At home, I can only get online on my mom's laptop) and I've not transferred it onto a flash drive or anything. But I'll get it to you in due time.

Speaking of due time, the paperwork for visiting Ryan isn't going anywhere.  But that's primarily my fault.  But we're figuring it out, and trusting that the delays are evidence of God's timing, not just us being stupid.

I'm hoping to do something with Erika this afternoon, but I don't know if it will happen or not.  Other than that, not a lot is actually going on in my world.  The name of the game lately has been discipline... but you know what? That sounds like it'd be a really good post by itself so instead of writing about it now, I might wait for its due time and tell you all about it.

I love and appreciate you all. I hope I'm not boring any of you, just telling you about my boring, daily, rural life. In fact, I can't even spice this up with pictures because I use my parent's camera and my mom has it, I think. I'm sure your lives are so much more exciting.. in fact, is there anything any of you want to share? I love comments!

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