Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Breads, Berries, and Blooms

Another post celebrating the simple things.  In our house, fresh baked bread is getting pretty regular. The other day, however, Mom added a little too much yeast by mistake. So she was creative and turned the dough into rolls!
How the bread  is supposed to look

some of the rolls Mom made
Mom also made delicious muffins the other day: blueberry muffins made with homegrown blueberries!
our blueberry bush
some of the wild blackberries in our yard (plenty more to ripen!)
This year, for the first time, our yucca bloomed. We didn't plant the yuccas, they were here when we moved in. We've been living here almost 18 years and this is the first time they've bloomed. They're lovely!

And I also thought I'd show you our pink hydrangeas.  Okay, they're kind of wilting here. But I think it's neat it's pink. Normally they're blue or even purple.  My mom really wishes it was blue though. She says it has to do with acidity or base-ness of the soil or something? I don't know.
Okay, I'm off to workout (more on that later)...

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