Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Couch to 5K: Week One

This has been a crazy week, and it's only week one!

The workout for the week was:
5 minutes warm up walk, 60 seconds jogging, 90 seconds walking, repeat last two steps until 20 minutes. Stretch.

Day One:
Wednesday, June 22

I got out there, and I did it! I felt spent and plastered with sweat, but good.  I was excited to be doing it.

That evening, Erika invited me out to her gym. I could visit one time for free, so this was i.  As I was running about to get ready, I had stuck my feet in my shoes but not all the way. As I walked through the laundry room, my ankle twisted really fast. It hurt, but as soon as I righted my foot, it stopped. I forgot about it, and went and worked out at the gym, doing the recumbant bike, treadmill, eliptical, and a variety of weight machines (my pecs hurt for days because I don't think I ever work them out!)

Day Two:
Friday, June 24

Halfway through my right foot starting hurting from a plantar fasciitis flare.  I have it, as does everyone in my family. My impulse was to keep going, but then I thought and actually said outloud "You're supposed to stop if it hurts." So I stopped by the side of the road and tightened my laces, then got up and started again. I was upset with myself for interrupting my workout, I hadn't done that before... but then after only 35 seconds, it started hurting again!

So I stopped. Because it's way too early to injure myself by keep going!  When my plantar fasciitis flares, the only way to make it stop is rest.. but I decided to try again Saturday morning, and that time make sure my laces are extra tight.

That evening, Erika and I went to clean my friend Suzanne's pool. She hosts Bible Study. After we cleaned it, we swam in it for about an hour before Bible Study started. During Bible Study, I realized my right ankle was hurting a little..

Saturday, June 25

I told myself I was going to do it, got my shoes on, and was looking for my water bottle... when I realized my foot already hurt. From just looking for my water bottle. It seemed to be my ankle this time, and I remembered Wednesday. This really depressed me, so I discussed it with my mom, who advised me to ice it, take ibuprofen, and rest for two days. I thought 'if it's been so many days since I did the first day, I'll have to start this week over." But I did it, because as I said, I don't want to get a real injury that makes it so I can't do the program at all.. but it's the first week! Very annoying for something to come up so fast.

Sunday, June 26

I thought I was just going to rest. I'd already resigned myself to the idea I was going to repeat the entire week...  but then that afternoon, I was restless. And my foot didn't hurt.. so I had to do it! So I did. :) Very slowly, but I did it. Because I was active Friday, and except for my foot hurting a tiny bit, the workout did seem easier to manage than Wednesdays (cardio vascular wise) I felt I could totally call this Week One Day Two, and didn't have to repeat at all!

Day Three:
Tuesday, June 28

I arrived at my sister's apartment in Florence at 3am. I didn't fall asleep until quite after 4am. So it was no surprise I didn't wake until 10:30 in the morning. Which is not horribly late, but it's too hot to workout in South Carolina late June at that time. Especially since it takes a while for me to wake up.

So I decided not to do my workout until after the sun had gone down. Meanwhile, one of my sister's friends came over and the three of us hit the pool, where we stayed for probably an hour. We were then hungry, and went out for pizza. After some window shopping, we got groceries, and by the time we got home it was close to ten. I talked to Ryan before he left for work (he wakes up around 9:30 pm our time) and went and did my workout at 11:20pm...

And did it! Unfortunately, my shoes were acting up. I put double socks on the right side, in an effort to stabilize it.  It worked... but my left foot wiggled. Then, three quarters of the way through the exercise, it felt like my right foot was like really tight. Like the blood supply wasn't great. I think maybe it has swollen up a little and with two socks and a tightly tied shoe.. so I sat down for a second and was going to loosen it, but decided to just kick the shoes off for now, and finished the last 5 minutes in my socks.

So that was my week. Not the smoothest, but it got done. I'll be here, at my sister's, for the first day of week two, so I'll run in these shoes again. But I'm thinking about when I get home digging out my last pair of sneakers and seeing if they'd work better. But I'm not sure it's the shoes, it might just be my feet. I can't run barefoot normally (though people recommend that) because of my plantar fasciitis. But I can walk all day and it doesn't flare. Somehow it's getting aggravated fast with this walk/jogging. So I should be able to fix that somehow. I don't have the money for new shoes or arch supports though, so I'm hoping I can find a solution apart from that.  But the truth is, I am over a hundred pounds overweight. It's quite possible this is just my feet saying 'hey! That's a lot of weight slamming down on me' and my response has to just be 'suck it up, because this is how we'll lower that amount.'  Well, to be honest, that's not as convincing as 'We've made a commitment to this! So too bad, silly foot!' :)


  1. Keep up the great work!!! You can do it!!! Just keep that positive attitude you have now and you'll make it!!

  2. Yay Pam! I've been waiting for your update. Sorry your foot is acting up... and especially on week one! Grrr...


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