Tuesday, June 14, 2011


So I recently reconnected with my old friend Erika.  She and I went to grade school together. We met in middle school when we were in a few clubs together.  We'd only seen each other once since I graduated (she was two years below me in school) when we went to the same concert on my twentieth birthday.
Erika, me, and David. It's really not a great picture of any of us, but we had just gotten out of the pool.  Look below for that story.

So we hung out this week, on Friday and on Sunday, and she said it was like we'd never been apart, as far as our friendship goes. I love that!  Also, she lives five minutes away from me! Well, for the summer.

Erika is a high school teacher. She rents and teaches elsewhere, but for the summer she's come home to her parent's house. And she's single. Which might sound silly, but the majority of my friends are now married, and quite a few have kids. And I love that, and I love their spouses and children, but it's nice to have friends who don't have to check with their spouses before we hang out. 

So we got together last Friday. We were going to go walking on the Cottonwood Trail, but instead went to the mall because it was just plain hot.  Then we went to my Bible Study together.

Once there, we found an impromptu pool party! I wanted to jump in right away, but they were about to eat dinner. All anybody had brought was salad, so Erika and I went out and got some pizzas. And while we did, Erika dashed into a sporting goods store and bought a tank top and shorts to swim in! I'd actually grabbed my swimsuit, because we'd talked about possibly swimming and I wanted to ready for all possibilities. But no one from Bible Study had said we'd swim, so that was new to me.

We came back and ate, and then changed into our suits.  Everyone at Bible Study had said we'd go poolside after dinner. So Erika, David, and I went into the pool and assumed everyone else was close behind...

They weren't.

So we played and waited... after forty-five minutes or so, Erika needed to go the bathroom, so we went inside and checked... they were holding Bible Study inside without us!

That kind of made us feel guilty, because it made it look like we'd chosen the pool over Bible Study, when in reality they had chosen inside over poolside. Also, we all love the Bible and wanted to fellowship and study together. But they were forty-five minutes in, plus the pool is so much more fun than a living room. So we went back out and Erika pulled up the Bible on her blackberry and we randomly selected a few verses and talked and discussed them. Then David, Erika and I hit the pool again!

Later, the other Bible Study people came out and Suzanne, who owns the pool and the house we meet in, climbed in and played with us.

Someday, I really hope that we actually do what we've talked about doing ever since Suzanne got the pool and have an actual Bible Study poolside. We've had just a get together on Friday night with grilling out and a pool party the first year, then the next year we were all set up to listen to a sermon while we either swam or lounged poolside but one member kiboshed that (sooo sad), and then this year half the Bible Study stayed inside without telling the other half!  (Please understand I'm saying this in my head in a happy voice, not a mad one.  I do honestly hope we someday have Bible Study poolside, so I can float and soak in the Word and wisdom at the same time, but I adore all the members of my Bible Study and I'm more teasing than anything.)

So Friday night we made plans to go to her church on Sunday. Which we did.

She goes to NewSpring, which is a megachurch. My only other experience with one was IHOP in Kansas City, which was an entirely different kind.  NewSpring has satellite campuses across the state, and we went to the Greenville one. The primary one is in Anderson. So the preacher was projected on a screen for the sermon! That was different... but I really liked it over all. I really liked the pastor, I felt he was very healthy spiritually in what he taught. They had a Christian rockband, which was very good.  Next week for Father's Day apparently all father's who go can enter to win a jet ski. Which is pretty cool.  Apparently Father's Day is the lowest church attendance Sunday of the year, so they're trying to battle that.

As I said, I had a good time, not just with NewSpring but also with Erika.  She may come to Bible Study again this Friday, and if so, this time we'll actually get together with the rest to study! She's got plans with a friend in the early afternoon though, and needs to make sure it's just for the early afternoon and will not be extending into the evening.

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  1. I love Newspring! TJ and I visit there a lot on Sundays since we have church on Saturdays for the time being!


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