Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Few Requests

Today a few things are going on.  For one, Ryan has completed two of ten exams. Please pray for him as he starts again tonight (his morning). 

And this afternoon, I am going to the doctor for the first time in three years. I just got health insurance again, for the first time since graduating college. I've been having a health concern for over a year now but haven't had the money to go to a doctor. Please pray for me, and for it, and that it's nothing serious. I think it's just related to the PCOS that I know I have... but I don't know for sure, so just say a prayer for me?

And my friend Hannah, who is starting the 5K I am going to run in, is calling for volunteers to help that day. So if you live in the upstate of South Carolina and want to help on September 10th, then go over to her blog and contact her.

And while I'm asking things of you, please go and vote for the blog "Storing Up Treasures" in this contest, which ends today at 5pm. It's a great blog. Though I admit, I've been reading some of the other blogs, including the one currently in first, and it's a great blog too... but the blog I'm asking you to vote for is the one that led me to the others, so it's the best. :-P

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