Friday, June 24, 2011

My Morning Fright

I went to bed early last night. So I get up this morning, and listen to music in my bed.  Then I stumble around, because today was a morning I was to do the C25K training. My stomach told me I'd been up too long without breakfast, so I finally get up and shuffle out to the living room, turn on the light and yell a small "Ahh!"

What was it that made me yell? Was it a spider? A severed head? A cat tap dancing? No. It was...

My younger sister Alison, sleeping on the couch!

She's actually leaving as I write this. She's meeting up with her future in-laws, then they're all going down to Florida to help her fiance move apartments.  I hadn't known she was coming, and she arrived after I went to bed last night.

So I spent the morning visiting with her, for the most part. She'll be coming back Sunday evening, which is good because we'll be celebrating my mom's birthday. Today is actually Mom's birthday (and my older sister's five year wedding anniversary... where has the time gone??) but Dad's working and Fridays are Bible Study for me, so we're going to celebrate Sunday.  And now Ali will join us!

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