Thursday, June 2, 2011

On Tuesday and Faith

I've got a few things stewing in my brain, which will be coming out in the form of blog posts soon. Prayer is appreciated.

In the meantime I'll tell you about yesterday, that is,Tuesday. I got to see my sister, Alison, who is in town under sad circumstances. Her fiance's grandmother died. The funeral was today (Tuesday... I'm writing this around midnight, so you'll probably be reading it Wednesday) and I went. It's one of those things that's stewing.

I got to talk briefly to Ryan, and he's dealing with some stress. I'd very much appreciate prayers for him.  

Then I was able to hang out with Tabitha and baby Jordan. In the hurry to get out that morning, Tabby forgot the stroller. It was extremely hot, as it's been everyday this week, so we decided to go to the mall and try to walk laps. Before we even got half a lap done, Tabby realized she couldn't carry Jordan and a diaper bag and wanted to go back to the car and empty the bag of everything but what she really needed. At about this time, I was approached by the market research company based out of the mall to do a survey for a couple bucks. So I did that while Tabby went to the car, and then fed Jordan a bottle.

Baby Jordan
After that we went to Dollar Tree, where I bought a few things I needed, like these cute socks I saw (my only socks I can find are wool blend and it's a bit hot for that!).  Then we went by Petsmart because Tabby needed something for her fish.  Then we decided to just go to her house because it was too hot and we didn't really have anything else in mind.

one of my new socks
When we got there, we discovered Jordan had gotten overheated, so we took his clothes off and rubbed with with a couple baby wipes in order to cool him down. I think it worked okay.  Regardless, he's fine.

Then we just hung out and had dinner. Tabby started feeling badly, we're not quite sure why, but she was perking back up by the time I went home.

Today she took Jordan for his 2 month check up (because he's two months old today, amazingly!) and he's doing great. He's gained three pounds and three ounces since he was born, and three inches. 

Okay, I'm feeling compelled to share with you. I don't know if this is because one of my readers out there needs to hear this or if maybe God just wants me to retain it and He knows I take my blogging seriously so by blogging this it might be embedded deeper. But here's some truth from God, from my heart to yours:

Sometimes faith means doing something without having it all worked out. I think sometimes we Christians put an emphasis on being smart, like being responsible and sensible, looking before we leap.  All that proverbs stuff. That can be good. But I think it can be used to forget that Noah built an ark for decades with no sign of rainfall or that Abraham was ready to sacrifice Isaac with no guarantees that God would send a sheep instead. That Simeon waited all his life or that a twelve year old Jesus was misplaced by his parents for several days.  Those last examples are different, but the common theme is that life is unexpected...for us, not for God. That sometimes when God says 'the time is right' or 'here's the plan, do it' it might make no sense to us.  The "leap of faith" is a common expression, but it's uncommon in man.  Leaping is hard, especially if you're clumsy like me, when you can't even see the other side.

Oswald Chambers said "Faith never knows where it is being led. But it knows and loves the One who is leading." I was introduced to that quote just today, entirely separate, and yet it's all interweaved.  We're being guided, loves, this is all a planned design.

Waiting for the money or the job or a certain date might make sense, but that might not be God's plan for you.  Holding on instead of letting go, that can lead to missing out or worse.  Obedience is how God asks us to show love to Him. It's hard, and I'm still learning.

Beloved, leap. It's a leaping faith.  It's a trusting faith. It's a saving faith.

There is no other way by which men can be saved. Believe. Receive. Rejoice.

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