Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ryan and Mallory's Wedding

Earlier in the week I told you about Dan and Ginny's wedding in Table Rock.  The wedding I attended Saturday was Ryan and Mallory's wedding. Ryan and Dan are brothers (and Ginny and Mallory were college roommates!)  
Ryan and Mallory saying their vows
As you may have gathered from one of my previous posts, Ryan and Mallory's wedding was in Georgia, just outside of Athens. It was lovely.  It was out in the country, and the ceremony was outdoors.
The back of their progam/fans had a wonderful prayer!
Not only was the love they have for each other palpable, but so was their mutual love for Christ.  It was so touching, and it made me say some love words to Jesus myself, with whom I am also deeply in love.  
The first kiss! (he moved to her mouth after the forehead)
I loved how the pastor shared personal stories and words the couple had told him about each other.  Oh! And you should have seen Ryan's face when Mallory came down the aisle!  Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of that.
Presenting the couple for the first time!
I went with my friend Lydia, who is a huge music fan.  Mallory's favors were CDs of the soundtrack of their wedding, which got Lydia very, very happy. (Not that I didn't think it was cool too. I love music. But Lydia's a whole other level.)
Lydia, sitting next to me during the ceremony
The reception was in a converted barn.  They served breakfast foods, including tons of fresh fruit and a waffle bar, which was very good.
Entrance to the barn
Their first dance was half slow dance, half line dance and was pretty fun.  They also had lawn games, including croquet and some tossing game me and Lydia had never seen before but tried out.  
the first dance
The cake was actually a myriad of cupcakes, and after the cupcakes, they opened it up for dancing.
the cupcakes
And boy did we dance! I was actually too busy dancing to take any pictures, but the photographer got me so if you went or know the couple, I'm sure there are some kooky pictures of me out there. I love to dance.
one of the centerpieces
I didn't know the girl who caught the bouquet this time, but the garter was caught by the grooms' 17 year old brother. That was funny, since two of the brothers got married this week (there are six siblings all together, and now four of them are married.)
Ryan's little garter toss dance
The toss to send of the bride and groom was the part I thought was the most creative. We tossed lavender petals!! It smelled SOO good. They drove off on a scooter (I didn't actually take any pictures of it, sorry!) I am very happy for the couple, and for both couples. I know both of them will be glorifying the kingdom.  I love them so!  Ryan and Mallory will be making their home in Athens, where she's from, and Dan and Ginny are going to be living in Spartanburg so I'm looking forward to getting to know her better. 

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