Monday, June 13, 2011

Sorry, I've been absent...

Friday I was busy and hung out with my friend Erika... more on that later. But when I came back, the phone line was down!  And not only did that mean the house phone was down, but it means I had no internet, because we have dial up.  In addition, my cell phone has been lost since Tuesday. I still can't find it! I last saw it right before I left for Tabitha's house.

Then on Saturday we discovered it was a problem with the jack in the living room (a broken wire made it think a phone was off the hook, apparently?) so we were able to hook up the phone in my parent's bedroom. I got the phone for a few hours in the early afternoon and talked to Ryan, because we'd not talked in twenty four hours.  Then Mom took it back.  Last night, I wanted to talk to Ryan again... but the phone was shut in my parents room and they were sleeping.

I went to church this morning (again, more on that later) and when I came home I got on the phone with Ryan. After an hour, I told him I wanted to get online and could I talk to him on facebook? And he said he really wished I wouldn't, that he wanted to talk to me on the phone. That led to a discussion, and getting online was put off until after Ryan went to sleep...

Then my dog Sophie has been acting odd, and my mom thought it was because of fleas (she's got a skin irritation) so I ended up bathing her and Radar with flea killing shampoo. I don't think her skin irritation is caused by fleas though, looking at it closely.  I'm not sure what it is, and it worries me... but at least they're clean!

So finally, after the dogs were bathed, I go to get online... and a storm is rolling in!  And since we've had modems fried by lightning in the past, I'm going to get offline until it stops storming.  But I owe you SEVERAL blog posts, so be patient. I'll get to them!

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