Thursday, June 2, 2011

This Isn't My Blog

There are still blog posts in me in progress, not ready to be shared.

So today I thought I would share about blogging in general, which is now a huge part of my life.

It's been over a month since I really started to view blogging as work, and therefore worthy of more time and effort. As you probably know, I've been unemployed for over a year so finding work I find satisfying and which can potentially help someone outside of my own household has been amazing!

It started with me just trying to improve my blog's appearance (which I think I did. It's pretty, isn't it?) and to try to add more photos (I have dial up, so I still can't add them every time, but I try!) and label all my posts by the time I published my 200th post. This made me work on my blog daily. I was reading about blogging and what I could do to improve my blog. Because of this, I really discovered other people's blogs and the blogging community. I did follow blogs before that, but they were only my friends and family's blogs, like my aunt Cate's blog, plus one other.

I discovered the navbar at the top of blogger (if you scroll up, it's the thing at the top that says follow and next blog, etc). If you click next blog it takes you to a random blog. So I did some praying and exploring and found some really cool blogs that way, including Naomi's blog, which I thoroughly enjoy.

It was actually mainly through my friend Hannah's blog that I discovered other blogs. I read a few she was reading and liked them. That's how I discovered Courtney, aka Wife to the Rockstar's blog, which I'll becoming back to in a few minutes.

It's been really fun getting to know the blogging community.  I don't have an amazing story to share like Hannah, or a really interesting life like Courtney, so I'll probably never be a really big blog. But a simple, humble blog is a good thing.  This isn't my blog anyway, which I've said since the beginning. It's God's blog. 

I try to show God in all my posts, so that's the entire purpose of my blog. Oh, I totally enjoy this and I get immense satisfaction from it. But that's a by-product.

And since I'm trying to share whatever God wants to say through me, I do try to gain readers. But I know God might be keeping me small. At this point, I can't see me taking on sponsors or anything, so you don't have to worry about that.  But Courtney's blog has a section called 'Blogs of Note', which Hannah actually drew my attention to, I admit I never noticed it before... but now that I have I'll probably start going through the list and exploring them! I admit I really love reading blogs.

But so I thought I'd add myself to the list, which is sort of what I'm doing right now. But I didn't just want to write a random post promoting Courtney's Blog of Note list, even though I'm sure it's a great list, because that's not really my style.  But I do think her blog is worth checking out, and it's something I read daily, so it's definitely a part of my life.

Blogging has been a saving grace in many ways, a gift to me from God.  I feel like I'm actually doing something worthwhile.  On an average day I get around twenty readers. Not a lot, but a significant enough number that I hope, and I honestly pray, that I'm touching you in some way. I love you, my blog readers, whether I know you or not.  Being unemployed, it eats away at you and makes you feel worthless sometimes.

But each time I blog I think about how maybe just one person will read this and it will make them smile, or make them think, or encourage them. That makes such a difference to me, you have no idea. It's also building my self-discipline, which I sadly lack, because I've been roughly writing a blog a day for a while now, and even before that I've stuck with this blog for over two and a half years. It hews my writing skills too, and I have always identified myself as a writer, above all other forms of art, and now I'm exercising my skills at least once a day, enabling me to use a gift God gave me. And it's a tool God's given me to aid the painful process of waiting. Waiting not just for a job, but for Ryan and I to be together... which is another post, probably.

I love you, and thank you for reading.

And always, always your comments are welcome!


  1. Yes, I felt weird just randomly writing a blog promoting her to get mine promoted too. But I was definitely drawing a blank on what to write. And I felt God was telling me I needed to be on her list.

    The funny is; after I wrote that post, a couple of hours later, He gave me my post that I published today. ha ha

  2. And P.S. I changed my map that I use, because I didn't like the other one. I notice you're still using it. But the one I use now actually saves your views, instead of resetting every couple of days... in which case you can actually over time see where you're being viewed the most. The one I use now is a clustermap. I think the website is (missing e).


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