Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekness (It's a pun, people)

This has been the craziest week.

There's been two weddings, a funeral, my friend Lydia started grad school, my Ryan went back to undergrad (today), I got to see my sister Alison (who I see probably every two months or so), and my sister Beth (who I see like two or three times a year), and now I'm in Athens, GA.  You know, on top of like every day stuff.

So things have been nuts and I've not gotten to blog as much as I would like.

Bear with me. I will catch you up!


  1. You're in Georgia? I had no idea!

  2. I was! I came home yesterday... and had more adventure-ness that now shall go on the 'needs to be blogged about' list...

    The second wedding was outside Athens, so we (Lydia and I) stayed the night with some friends down there afterwards.


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