Thursday, July 28, 2011

Biopsy Results

So when I got my biopsy a week ago yesterday, the doctor told me to call today.  I decided last night I'd call after lunch today. If I called in the morning, who knows, they might not have it, right? So at 1:50 I called and they transferred me to the nurse...

Who took my information and told me she'd look and would call me back.  Sigh. So a little more waiting...

So then she called me and told me the biopsy was... negative! :) She said there was a little, oh I forget the word. I'm guessing it probably means the same thing as the 'thickening of the lining' they detected on the ultrasound. She said it was to be expected. She told me my doctor said just continue to take the pills, and if I continue to bleed in a few weeks, we'll schedule a D&C. 

But it's not cancer! And it's not even pre-cancerous! (My gut was saying it'd be pre-cancerous.  Ryan's gut said it wouldn't be either, and he was happy to say "I told you so!")

Thanks to everyone who prayed! Praise the Lord!!


  1. Yay! I'm so happy you got good news. :)

  2. thanks be to God! I am so happy!!!!!

  3. Praise God for this good news!!

  4. \0/ Praise His Holy Name!!! I was yesterday asking Darryl "isn't today the day Pam finds out"
    Great Big Hug!

  5. Thanks for sharing was praying for you want to meet you soon


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