Friday, July 8, 2011

Brag on God Fridays

Okay, I am excited! I just found a lovely blog, Beholding Glory, whose author, Laura hosts a link up called "Brag on God Fridays". I've not thoroughly explored her site yet, because it's kind of fancy for my dial up, but I'm hoping as my slow computer familiarizes itself with her cookies, I'll get a chance to see more.

So basically, Brag on God Fridays are for bragging on God.  Yes, I'm sure you never could have figured that out. But basically, she's inviting fellow bloggers to take a post and reflect on the way He's revealed Himself to us, what He means to us, and who He is.

Which is about the most meaningful thing any of us could ever do, so I hope to make this a new regular feature of my blog.

Earlier this week, I discussed how I've been struggling with my body and really, just balance between living in this world and living for this world.  A lot of my best times with God have been when I've taken time to be off, alone and by myself with Him and shutting the world out... but while doing that from time to time is good, He's called us to be present in this world, to be shining lights, so we have to strike a balance. If you've not read that post from earlier, then please do. God called me to write it, I cried while doing so, and it took me hours to finish, plus it'll make the next part make more sense. :)

Since then, God's not been done with me. He's been speaking to me all week through Bible verses and fellow Christians.  From fearful awe to glorious fellowship, He's been disciplining me in his gentle yet firm way all week. And I am grateful, and reverent, and in awe.

With my crazy sleeping disorder, I had stayed up all night Wednesday.  My friend Tabitha and I were supposed to hang out Thursday, so I set my alarm for four hours after I fell asleep. So I woke up around 2:45 in the afternoon. I called Tabitha, but she didn't answer, so I sank back down in bed. I didn't want to fall back asleep, because I missed Tabitha, so I turned my radio on, loudly.

Christian music blared out. Which surprised me, because I'd last had it on country music. But that was all right, I like Christian music too, and in fact I loved the song. I figured Tabitha would call me, so I didn't try again for a while. I got a call or two, but just telemarketers, so I just stayed there, lying in bed and listening and singing to music praising God.  And I talked to God. And thought about Him. And just loved Him.

All week I've been feeling low and struggling and barely hanging on.  But Wednesday night I'd been clinging onto God and felt rescued. So Thursday afternoon, I just felt love and peace and joy flow over me.  Yes, there was music, but otherwise it was basically just me and God for a few hours. And it was awesome, and amazing.

In the living room later, I opened my favorite book, God Calling, which is basically a devotional and felt God direct me to the words "I forgive you, as you have prayed Me to, for all neglects of My commands, but start anew from today".  I prayed over that  miracle, feeling joy overwhelm me, and love.  God is present, God is caring, God is my savior and He's with me, always.

He will be, and is, changing me, slowly from the dirty fledgling that is Pam into something beautiful, that is Him. I am humbled and awed, devastatingly in love, and genuinely taken with Him. Hurrah for God! Hurrah for Jesus! Hurrah for the King!

Beholding Glory

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