Saturday, July 16, 2011

Couch to 5K: Week Three

Day One:
Saturday, July 9th

Ahhh... peaceful, blissful sigh. I just finished day one. And it was not bad at all.  Admittedly, I went very slow.  My energy was slagging before this run (I did it after staying up all night) but I went at the pace God set me at (I prayed while running) and I feel so blissful, so at peace... this is how I should feel at all times... sigh...

Today the schedule was:

Five minutes walking, 90 seconds running, 90 seconds walking, 3 minutes running, 3 minutes walking, repeat last four steps once.

So I had to run for the longest time I ever have before (3 minutes) and when I say before, I mean probably in my entire life. I'm not kidding when I say I was unathletic and the slowest kid in gym class. So the fact I did it as a snails pace isn't that surprising, but at this stage in the game I'm supposed to just do it, and speed will come later (that's what they say anyway).  But I did it! Actually, I was shocked how I could keep going after the first three minutes. It was no biggie. The second three minutes run was harder, but mainly because I really wanted to take a drink of water but can't really do it while I'm running (I do it during my walking... I don't know what I'll do when the walking is eliminated) but all in all, I actually kept running for 5 seconds past when I could stop without realizing it, so that's good.

Oh! And the first time I walked for 3 minutes? I felt my body say 'hey, start running!' after the first 90 seconds because for the last two weeks I've been only giving myself a 90 second walk.  I think that's pretty awesome because a) my body thought it could start running and b) this really is training my body, for it to respond like that! (I did walk the whole 3 minutes though. Don't want to push myself and cause injury).

Day Two:
Attempt One:

Really, this deserves it's own blog post. I had been up all night praising God. I got my shoes and my water, had my banana (supposedly the best pre-workout food), and was looking for my watch. And looking. And looking. So I decided to God-walk to find it.

I admit, I'm human, so I'm a little nervous to share this here because, well I might look crazy. But I feel I must, God didn't give me this experience for me alone. I've mentioned God-walking before, and you can read about that by clicking here. For those of you who don't click, basically it means I pray and God guides my steps.

So I was praying and asking him to help me find my watch, and He was guiding me around the house, then outside. And I'm thinking, "I can't run without my watch. Oh wait, maybe Dad's gps is in the car. It's got a clock on it, maybe I'll run with that?" But no, it wasn't in the car. So I'm letting God walk me to the road and I'm thinking "Oh, no! I can't do the normal C25K program without a timer of some sort!" Then I realized how ridiculous that was. I mean, God created time. He created whomever came up with the C25K program. If He wanted to, He could totally have me do the exact program. And moreover, He created my body. So He, not the C25K people, know exactly what my body needs and can take.  So I trusted him.

And he walked me around my neighborhood, the whole time deep in prayer with Him. That part is kind of personal, but some deep stuff went down, but I was walking the whole time, not running.  Then I come back to my house and he leads me up the steps, and through the porch, and through the front door...

EXACTLY as a recording of a Christian Women's Conference came on the television. EXACTLY.  (You can see the television from the front door). So I laughed, and sat down and watched it, and it brought me to tears.  And I knew that even though I'd not completed the workout, I was seeing to my spiritual health right then, and it was good.

Attempt Two:
I didn't find my watch. But I found my cell phone! Which I'd lost for five weeks! So yay! So I just decided to go running with that. And I did. And I finished over half of it, when my foot hurt, so that I really couldn't take it any longer. I told myself I'd run back to my house from where I was (probably 100 yards away) but I couldn't. So I God-walked, letting Him decide if my workout was really done... and He did lead me home.

And you know what? I had done it over half-way, and I decided to chalk this one up as done! After all, success will be determined by me being able to do the 5K on September 10th, not by getting every minute of every workout done.  So I decided Day two was over.

Day Three:
Friday July 15

It was raining, just drizzling, and I got my stuff together and went to go out... and opened the door and it was pouring. But it was also 70 degrees then, so I decided I could wait. Normally, I HAVE to workout in the early morning or late evening because of the South Carolina heat.  So it wasn't until 10 am that I went out. It was still raining, but just drizzling...

And it was fun! I was running through mud puddles and getting soaked, and enjoying it a lot! My foot did hurt a little, but I just kept stopping to adjust my foot and I made it through.  Week Three is over! Yay! (And because I didn't have internet access I couldn't post this until today. :) ) 

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