Thursday, July 7, 2011

Couch to 5K: Week Two

All in all, I feel like this week kicked my butt. But I did it, and it's behind me. Whew! It was filled with highs and lows, but I did it.

Day One:
Thursday, June 30, 2011

I just finished Week Two Day One AND I FEEL AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And guess what? I worked out harder than I was supposed to! I had just gone out to workout and after I was doing my five minute warm up, I realized I wasn't sure exactly what week two's workout was supposed to be, I hadn't checked it before I left, and I hadn't read it for over a week when I was reviewing the whole workout in a general way before week two. I remembered you went from running 60 second intervals to running 90, and last week I walked 90, so I figured it was run 90, walk 90... but afterwards, I found out that it was actually run 90 walk two minutes!

So what made this new, harder workout so awesome? Well, part of it was endorphins... but mainly it was JESUS! I prayed as I tied my shoes before I started, then when I was starting, my feet were bugging me a little and I thought, "Don't think about your feet. Think about... your legs. And your breathing." Because I figured dwelling on silly little complaining feet wouldn't help my workout. As I was concentrating on my breathing, it came to me: To God-Walk! I've talked about God-walking on my blog before, but basically it's when I pray, at first, "Jesus guide my steps" and then afterwards say "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus" as I breathe.  And it's awesome.  Anyway, so I did this as I ran... and my face was beaming in smiles, my pace was exhilarating with joy, I worked out so hard, and I felt great!!

Okay, I'm totally soaked in sweat, so I need to shower. :)

Day Two:
Sunday, July 3

Okay, since I was in an antihistamine drugged stupor,  I didn't do this Saturday like I was supposed to... and then I overslept on Sunday for the same reason. But I got it in in the evening. It was grubby and hot, and I didn't get into the Jesus high I did earlier, but I did attempt to pray as I went.  I put on the other shoes I was telling you about, and my feet didn't hurt. I think maybe my newer shoes are better for walking, and my older shoes are better for running. They're only like a year and a half old, so plenty worn in but not worn out. Alleluia. :)

I chose to do the 90 second-90 second because I did it easily Thursday, even though I technically could have walked for 2 minutes.

Day Three:
Wednesday, July 6

I should have done day three on Tuesday, but as I mentioned I way overslept and was having stomach cramps, so I didn't feel like doing it in the evening. So I decided I'd do it in the early morning Wednesday, then do Day 1 of Week Three on Thursday evening... only by early morning Wednesday I was exhausted (I'd stayed up all night) so I just went to bed.

So Wednesday evening was my first attempt. But my foot hurt seven minutes in, so I decided to wait until the morning.

Thursday, July 7

So early morning Thursday rolls around and I do it!  I really saw what they say about it being mainly mental. But I pushed through, and I actually think my last running interval was the best of the workout.  I did pray while I did it, but I didn't get the same high as last Thursday...

But I admit I feel some shame that this took 8 days. I know I shouldn't though. I didn't feel well this week, not just working out, and it was a holiday week too. There's a reason I made sure I started this 9 week program with 11 weeks to the 5K, so I could take an extra day or two...

But I hope I don't do it again.

By the end of it, I was soaked in sweat and felt beat. But I did it. That's what matters. And... I don't have to worry about this again until Saturday. :)

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