Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Events of the Days

I haven't been online in some days.  Mainly I've just been busy doing other things. But I've also kind of felt the introvert in me springing up, and I've wanted to retreat. (Technically I'm an extravert, but only by like this much).

But I've been thinking of my blog. It just seemed like too much brainwork to actually come on here and talk to you.  Healthwise, I feel spent, but today I should find out my biopsy results. That will be good. Then I'll know if the next step is surgery or pills and waiting.

Saturday I went to a friend's party. Sunday I helped move in my younger sister.  She technically lives here now... but Monday morning she left for a three week vacation. On Monday all I did was talk to Ryan and watch television.  And Tuesday all I did was try to avoid human beings by burying my nose in a huge, fat novel. I succeeded and finished it. It was very good.

I'm hoping to go to church tonight. We'll see what happens.  I've asked the church to find me a ride, but to no avail yet.  There's only like twenty people who go on Wednesday nights, and truth is I live in the middle nowhere, so I'm guessing they're having trouble because no one lives near me. Or maybe somebody does, but since it's at 6:30, they go there from work, not home. I'm positive no one works near me. There's almost no where to work near me. It's 5 miles to  nearest store. (Church is only fifteen minutes away though, it's not that crazy a distance.)

It looks like I may have a somewhat full week, actually. Which is good. I hate sitting around at home day after day.  On Thursday Lydia wants to hang out, then on Friday is Bible Study, then  Saturday I may be going to an event put on by Element church in Woodruff if I can find a way, then on Sunday Tabitha and I are going to finally start her church search. She's looking for a new church home and I've agreed to accompany her. I've no plans (so far) for Monday through Wednesday, but next Thursday I leave for a two day camping trip, and Saturday I have a wedding.  Now, if you've followed my life at all, you know God told me not to plan much, and He seems to enforce it: it is very rare for plans to come through for me. So let's see how many of those actually come to fruition. :) I'm kind of hoping it's all of them for once. Wouldn't that be AMAZING??

The biopsy results could change it, I suppose. But I think if they do require surgery, I'm going to try to schedule it for after this stuff. Especially since Lydia and I have planned the camping trip for like two months now, and weddings are one time only events.  That'd only be putting it off for a week and a half, which doesn't seem too unreasonable.  Based on my recovery time from the biopsy, I think I'll be basically incapacitated for a week. There's no way I could like do it on Monday and go camping Thursday.  A D&C is routine, but with my poor uterus already aching from its nearly two year ordeal, it's sore and achy even when someone doesn't come at it with sharp surgical tools. So I'd rather put it off for a week and get to both recover in peace and experience these great things with my friends.

I will come back and tell you the biopsy results after I get them, I promise.

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