Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Great Friends, Cute Babies, Amazing God

My friends are awesome. Indeed, I am in awe of them.

I have been glum, grumpy, and gloomy for a few days. But it was good seeing my Canterbury friends. Then, I got to talk to my friend Jennifer when I was being all bleh on Tuesday. Then, I got online.

First of all, if you're a facebook friend you should vote for my friend Tabitha's baby, Jordan, in the Gerber baby contest. Why? Cause he's adorable, of course. Why'd you think? Tabby and I hope to hang out Thursday. I miss her.

Secondly, God is totally amazing. You know how when you're dealing with an issue, God just highlights that subject through things and people who don't even know you're going through it? He totally, totally does. It's actually happened many times in the past twenty four hours, but once example I want to share is the writing of a friend of mine over here, where she's a guest author. See, I've been dwelling on my body a lot lately. The externals.  And there's a blog post in that that is coming.

Thirdly, GOD IS TOTALLY AMAZING!! I saved the best for last: A KIDNEY!  You'll remember me telling you about Sadie Mae, my friend Hannah's late daughter who lived in January.  She had Bilateral renal agensis, which has been 100% fatal in infants (though most parents who get the diagnosis choose to abort, so many of the babies may not have had a chance for a miracle).  Basically, the kidneys don't develop, which through a cascade effect, means fluid and lungs don't develop either...

Except now a kidney has developed in one BRA baby currently in utero!  The mother of baby Sweet Pea (the gender is in dispute) who was diagnosed with BRA 10 weeks ago just got the news her baby has a one kidney! Our God is good! So pray, pray, pray that the lungs are developing as well!!!  Baby Sweet Pea will be delivered by C-section on Sept 1st at 36 weeks, if he/she doesn't come earlier.  Pray!!!! 


  1. Thanks for sharing about sweet Baby Sweet Pea!

    Love you!

  2. And Wow! I just read the other link you posted... about the great legs! Um, to say that my body image has been a struggle for me lately is the biggest understatement... EVER!

    Thank you for sharing!


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