Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm Blessed

I'm tired. But I'm blessed.
So I've decided to list some blessings for myself and to share.

  • for a wonderful day with wonderful friends.
  • for sweet babies, especially little Jordan.
  • for dreams of the future and love and imagination.
  • for Ryan. In all ways, in every way.
  • for tears, their healing and release.
  • for the Church, both universally and in her local gatherings.
  • for hope, and joy, and fear of the Lord.
  • for Sophie, and her fierce (and endearing) rat terrier killer instincts.
  • for funny stories to share and bond over.
  • for pizza.
  • for chocolate.
  • for wholesome movies that refresh your soul.
  • for the ache.
  • for the challenges as opportunities to overcome (Lord, you know what I mean!)
  • for discipline, which promotes growth.
  • for God's hands which hold back evils from me that I never know of, and hold me back from ambushes and temptations I never knew I approached.
  • for happy marriages, and the amazing, wonderful testimony of the Lord they are! I rejoice in them whenever I see them!
  • for every gorgeous metaphor God provides in this world (which is basically EVERYTHING) to point back to him.
  • to the amazing testimonies of people who cling to their beloved Lord in times of trial and bring tears of joy to my eyes. Praise you, God!
  • to hope, and healing, and faith. Forever.

Love to you all. If this refreshed you and you want to read more bloggers counting their blessings, click the... huh, that button is not working. Haha. Well, click on whatever you want to call that partial linky looking thing below. :)

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