Saturday, July 9, 2011

Love, Buttons, and Mistakes

I am desperately, desperately in love.  With both the Lord and Ryan.  In fact, I realized today the way I know Ryan is the one is that the more I fall in love with Jesus, the more I fall in love with Ryan. (I mean, I already knew Ryan was the one from many other things, but that kind of confirms it, doesn't it?)

Today in Bible Study we continued our study of Job. I'm not sure what they did last week, when I was in Florence, but they seemed to pick up right where we'd left off two weeks ago, for which I am grateful. I am very eager for this study. It all seems so relevant.  It's amazing to see how many seemingly unconnected things, like Bible Study and blogs and friends and books etc, have been coming together in such intricate ways to teach me things from God. Because honestly, He does connect it all. Everything.

I am in awe.
It seems like a new beginning. And it is. Gosh, so many intangible things I struggle to put to words, and yet I want to give them to you.  I am a writer, and it pains me that right now I can't.  Just love, and joy, and YES.

Tonight I spent hours working on my blog without blogging. I made myself a button! You can get it over on the side, if you want. It was fun but took forever because I can be a perfectionist occasionally. I may make more, but not today.

the Songs on the Way
My pretty button
I had not had any interest in buttons prior to tonight, but somehow tonight they seemed like a good idea.  So not only did I make one, but I added all the buttons of the blogs I follow to the side. I also added all the blogs I follow to the blogs I follow list, because it hadn't been updated in months.  Probably it'll be outdated next week (I follow new blogs all the time) but for now, it's accurate. Well, if I put someone's button up, I didn't put them in my list. If you've got a button and I missed it somehow or something, please let me know.

Oh, and that Brag on God Fridays link up?  I didn't do it right. :-P But now I've fixed it, I hope. So go back and see.

There's a few other things milling about my head, but I'm about to go start week 3 of the Couch to 5K program, so they'll wait.  Love to you all.

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