Sunday, July 17, 2011

What if...?

Earlier this week I was up late and I was worrying.

Worrying is a sin, and I was trying not to, but there's some serious things going on and lots of unknowns. And since I've not successfully transformed into Jesus yet, I was worrying.

And I was praying.  And suddenly, I just felt Him with me.  It was one of those amazing moments and I had to praise Him.  I was reading blogs at the time, and every blog I read He was speaking to me through. Not like He spoke to me about one thing with this blog and another thing with this one... but like He was tying them together in intricate ways and showing me how He is there. Always there, in all areas of life. And He's got a plan.

And I closed my eyes, and I lifted my hands and I just felt Him assure me. Assure me that no matter what happens... He's in control. He's in this. He's got a purpose.  Whether it seems good or bad, it's all for good.  He hinted at ways that even the negative possibilities I was worrying about could be for His glory.  He was showing me that all ways (not just the obvious) but in all ways and possibilities there are opportunities for God's glory.  And so no matter how it turns out, it will be good.

He took away my fear, but I've got to confess it's come back. I'm just trying to fight it, and I thank God when I remember that night earlier this week.  He's glorious. Until the unknowns become known, I'll be thinking 'what if'... but at least I know no matter how I finish that question, the answer will be "God will be glorified, and all things work together for those who love Him."

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  1. I believe Love is the answer, and I believe, Love will find a way :)


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